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Live game chat tonight @ 8
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oops: John calls an A-bomb... from Hideki


BernBabyBern said...

Boy, I wish we had a video of John and Susyn's faces right after he said "It's an A-Bomb"

And the silence after he said it seemed to last as long as most of his win warbles this season.

Bostowned said...

Thats not exactly politically correct is it? Saying a Japanese player hit an A-Bomb? ;)

Gregory said...

I'm thinking a 2 week unpaid leave might be in order.

Attentive Fonzy said...

Didn't any of you listen when Jeter hit a line drive single to right to lead off the game?

Johnny Boy said:

" There's a line drive to's a base, it's, it's a short-hopped in front of the right fielder..."

John was already thinking ahead to remind us that Derek had just extended his hitting streak...and, in this version of multi-tasking...he lost focus on reality.

Atta boy.

windspinner gal said...

hahahaha... its not the first time he did it...