Friday, November 10, 2023

The Only Road ...

 The Yankees cannot give up what little remains of the dying, fallow farm for one player.

Soto, the Japanese pitcher, the other Japanese guy.? Each too expensive in every way.

And pursuing a single, superstar "band-aid" is simply a repeat of the failed strategy the Yankees have followed for twenty years. 

And it never changes anything. As for trades: 

- No one wants Stanton.  

- No one wants Gleyber much.  

- People might want Judge.

So we have to face the fact that the Yankees only path is the road to the number one draft pick. 

We have to play with the people we have and take the hit. 

Withdraw from the bidding for the big names.  

Just go with the old, fading guys and the kids. 

No need to change the manager because no one can do much with what we have.

Be honest with the fans and say;  "we are changing our approach."  

- No deals for anyone over the age of 23. 

- We play the cards we have.  

But we need a new GM by the time we earn the number one pick in the draft. 


HoraceClarke66 said...

Dauntless Leader, much as I respect your baseball acumen—you were about the only person hereabouts who said Stanton was a mistake—I disagree. As everyone in the show business likes to say—usually just before they knife you in the gut—I love you, I respect you...but you're wrong.

Brian Cashman should go NOW. Not several years from now, not next season, not in 2026. NOW.

The entire Yankees' farm system put together doesn't equal 1 Juan Soto. Or Yamamoto, more than likely. Yes, trade for that guy, sign that guy, and a couple others. But get rid of Cashman. NOW.

Baseball isn't like, say, basketball. It doesn't depend that much on getting to the number 1 pick per se, but just good drafting and development all along the line, year-in and year-out. Which in this case means getting rid of Cashman. NOW.

There is no reason why a well-run baseball team willing to spend money can't both be competitive now AND building for the future. We have seen it happen in our lifetimes, with the Yankees teams of the 1970s and the 1990s. We have not seen it under Brian Cashman. Which is why he must go. NOW.

There are two keys to this:

One is spending money. A lot. More, almost certainly, than Hal Steinbrenner is willing to spend. Which wouldn't matter sooo much. If he were willing to fire Brian Cashman. NOW.

The other is getting rid of Brian Cashman. Which Hal Steinbrenner won't do. Although he should. And...I think you know when.

AboveAverage said...

In the immortal words of David (Diphthong) Bowie:






HoraceClarke66 said...

There is no problem the Yankees have that would not be lessened by firing Brian Cashman.

There is no problem the Yankees have that would not be worsened by not firing Brian Cashman.