Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Papi Joins Poppy & Company At Pre-World Series Game Songfest

Unfortunately for the quartet the mood wasn't so good the rest of the evening

Yanks Lose Game 4 In Series To Giants


Yanks Win Game 3 Of Series Against Giants

Late results of the previous game.
However, it looks like they may lose game 4 to the Giants.

Brian's Halloween Meeting With Hal Steinbrenner

Yankee Ghoul Mystery

Is Joe Ostrowski dead or alive? He appears to be pictured above in the July 17, 2010 photo yet he died in 2003.
Joe Ostrowski, who played with the St. Louis Browns, died Jan. 3, 2003, in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He pitched in the Major Leagues for 5 seasons and finished with a 23-25 record and 15 saves. In 455.2 innings, he posted a 4.54 ERA and 131 strikeouts. In 1951, he was 6-4 with 5 saves for the Yankees. He pitched in 95.1 innings that season and finished with a 3.49 ERA.  He pitched 2 scoreless innings in the Yankees' World Series victory.
He got his start in amateur baseball in 1934 and entered professional baseball in May 1941 with the Boston Red Sox. He played in the Eastern Short, Mid-Atlantic and Piedmont baseball leagues.  In 1948, he was traded to the St. Louis Browns and, in 1950, he was sent to the New York Yankees.  He pitched for the Yankees until 1952. After playing with the Los Angels Angels in 1953, he retired from baseball. He was inducted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1988.

Brian's Halloween Meeting With Jennifer Swindal

Letter to the Editor: Like Lady Gaga playing for the New York Yankees

The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin)

October 24, 2010 Sunday

A federal judge has stirred up the gays-in-the-military fuss again. Until President Bill Clinton approved the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, I was unaware there was a problem. The issue didn't come up during my two years of active duty after I was drafted in February 1954.

Black men were accepted freely, and one of my three roommates in Germany was a black sergeant. The idea of women in combat units wasn't on the docket yet. Gay men were drafted just like the rest of us and they went where they were told without questions.

I'm still recovering from seeing "La Boheme," an opera written by an Italian about a Parisian courtesan, sung in German. I don't recall anyone failing to perform assigned duties because of sexual preference.

Years later, the "don't ask, don't tell" edict generated more media bombast than if Lady Gaga was playing third base for the New York Yankees. This was followed by stories of people with lengthy, honorable records being thrown out of the military because of their sexual preference.

Hughes Bests Sanchez as Yanks Win 4-2

I think last night proved to everyone that Brian Cashman did the right thing in not trading Phil Hughes as part of a package for Santana.

It was the third straight time this post season that Hughes acted as a stopper, earning a victory after a Yankee loss.

Last night, Phil allowed two runs while going 72/3 innings, making him 3-0 with a 1.73 ERA in four post season starts.

The offense showed up early, as Lance Berkman blasted a 3 run home run in the bottom of the second, hitting from the 9th spot in the Yankee order. Robbie Cano hit a solo dinger in the 5th to give the Yanks a 4 run lead.

When things tightened up a bit late in the game, David Robertson pitched effectively and got the last out in the 8th. Mariano completed the package with a flawless ninth sealing the win.

So the Yankees are back in it, although AJ Burnett is slated to go this evening. Rumors still swirl about his lack of effectiveness after a great start to his season. The fact that AJ's decline began when Dave Eiland took off a mysterious 29 days in mid-season, has reporters seeking a link to Charlie Sheen, of all people.

AJ still has not explained his black eye and he has yet to pitch well in the post season.

There are other stories being bandied about on various blogs that Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland have not spoken since Dave returned from his leave of absence. That becomes really awkward when the buffet treys are opened and someone is asked to, " pass the ribs," as they say.

In any case, and this reporter is saying it first, watch for a coaching change when this season ends, regardless of the outcome.

Tonight, the Yankees expect the largest crowd of the season.

As far as I am concerned, this is another, " must win." And AJ may not be the man to do it.

Letter to the Editor: Meg Whitman is the New York Yankees of Politics

San Jose Mercury News (California)

October 27, 2010 Wednesday

To the Editor:
If Meg Whitman is a baseball fan, she must be having second thoughts about now. For all of their money, the New York Yankees couldn't buy a World Series this year; can Meg buy the California governorship?

Kirch DeMartini

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yanks Lose Game 3 Of Series As Stanky Kicks Ball Out Of Rizzuto's Hand


Brian's Halloween Meeting With Hank Steinbrenner

Yanks And Hughes Face Must Win Game At Home

Down 2-0, the Yanks know their 28th world championship opportunity is in jeopardy.

While the Giants are halfway home in their quest for their first WS title in 56 years, the Yankees are staring in the face an ugly end to a thrilling season.

Worse, Joe Girardi will have to wear the same uniform number next season, assuming his contract is renewed once the world series is over.

After their dramatic comeback against the Rangers, it doesn't seem possible that the Yankees could go this flat in the World Series. The Yankee team was constructed for just such a moment. Otherwise, why would Brian Cashman have assembled the likes of : Lance Berkman, Nick Johnson, Sergio Mitre, Austin Kearns, Boone Logan, Ramiro Pena and other big game heros?

When asked directly if tonight's game is a "must win" for the Yankees, Manager Joe Girardi noted, "that of the previous 51 teams that faced a 2-0 deficit in the world series, only 11 have gone on to win the big prize."

By way of journalistic independence, John Sterling, Yankee radio broadcaster stated this morning, " I don't care what others say, but tonight is a "must win" game, even though I imagine Joe Girardi doesn't want his players putting that type of pressure on themselves."

Suzyn Waldman, John's sidekick and color commentator on radio, added, " we certainly don't want to go down 3-0, John, but I don't think you can go into a game thinking it's a "must win," because if you are going to be talking about a "must win" then you're going to miss a lot that's happening on that field, and we can't afford to miss anything."

Er, certainly not Suzyn.

"If there is a game 4," suggested Mr. Sterling, " and there will be," Suzyn emphatically quipped, AJ Burnett will strap on his game face and show us that Dave Eiland's work with him has not been in vain.

Phil Hughes, tonight's starter, will be asked to do something that his fellow Yankee pitchers have so far been unable to do.....slow down the Giant's suddenly potent line-up. But this year's pitch restricted 18 game winner is up for the challenge. " I hope to go nine," he said while chomping on a bagel with nova, egg salad and anchovies.

Yankee players have pretty much been unavailable since this
morning's " secret" team meeting; however, in a tape-delayed, previously scheduled interview with Boone Logan this morning, Bill Madden of the Daily News asked Boone, " are you guys over the wipe-outs in San Francisco?"

Boone said that, " the team knows it lost the last two games but we have put them in the trash. We're excited to be home, we know how good we are, and we just need to start winning games."

You heard it here first, folks.

Hitler's Grand Plan Thwarted By Giants

The story up until now:
Hitler, having survived the war with a core group in an undetected bunker in Strom Thurmond's district in South Carolina has been planning the eventual overthrow of the United States. (This was nearly done in the McCarthy Era). With the help of uncaptured Nazi scientists on the outside, many of whom worked in the US aerospace industry and Halliburton Industries, he and his group have been able to maintain their youth as well as provide genetic material for cloning and insemination. One pathway he has followed is the corruption of the great American pastime of baseball. He's put much of his current efforts behind the Texas Rangers through Nolan Ryan, building upon a past relationship there with the Bush family.

Who saw THIS coming: Yanks to seek a bullpen lefty this winter

WOW! You can't predict baseball!

From the opium haze of Internet blogging ether comes the stunning news that Brian Cashman -- the ever vigilant, Larry Kingesque, steel-trap human computer -- has discerned that the Yankees need a bullpen lefty. 

This is, as the Scooter liked to say, "a biggie."

Evidently, the Power Southpaw Era of Boone Logan/Royce Ring is ending. We haven't seen this kind of change since Ronan Tynan lunked his mahogany wheels to Pedroiaville and called himself a Redsock fan. What tipped Cash off? Was it that Texas had four lefties, waiting to pick off our hitters one by one? Or was it that Logan in the playoffs resembled the Randy Choate of 2001?

Why such a blindspot on lefties? It's the Kei Igawa Memorial Sinkhole. Of course, Iggy, you might recall, received a brief audition as bullpen lefty last spring. Then the Yankees moved him back into the Scranton rotation. Why? Dunno.

OK-- I know what you're thinking, and you're right: I'm not in Scranton. I'm no Eilland. Our coaches in Scranton have more pitching knowledge in their poop than I do, lounging on the mountaintop in my carnal hotbath with the hot groupies who are drawn to Yankee bloggers like mosquitos to bare-assed Haitians. You're right. But why let Igawa take up space when he embodies exactly what we need. WE KNOW THIS: He'll never start for us. Trade him. Cut him. Send him to Charleston. The one outside chance -- one in a billion -- is that he works up a secondary pitch and becomes a LOOGY. But we had him starting. Why? Why? Why? Dunno.

So we're looking for an unhittable power lefty, just as we have been doing since Graeme Lloyd.

Folks, that was 1996. Fourteen years. Good call, Cash! Glad to know you're on this.

Cashman faces Halloween terror

Friday, October 29, 2010

Series Game 2 Winner, Steady Eddie Lopat: Born On The Lower East Side

and later attended DeWitt Clinton High School. from Harold Friend
Much has been written about the Yankees who won five consecutive championships, but Lopat added a little insight into dynasty when he told a writer that "We had an esprit de corps on that ball club. There wasn't one jealous bone on that whole ball club... Also, the older players used to reprimand the younger ones for lack of hustle. If they didn't put out, we'd say, 'you're playing on this club and you'd better put out, because that's the way we play ball here.'"
Eddie Lopat was a pitcher, not a thrower. He epitomized the term “crafty left hander.” He threw every pitch known, including the spitball. In 1990, Lopat visited baseball commissioner Fay Vincent. The two spoke about baseball for several hours and Vincent later related that Lopat had once told him that he not only threw the spitball but that as Kansas City pitching coach, he tried to teach it to the entire staff.

Game 2: Yankees vs. Giants

When men were men, women were women and reporters could write. Mantle's mistreated "sprain" will completely alter his career

Exclusive: Highlights of Game 3 of Giants-Yankees Series Game

Nardi Contreras and Billy Connors: Yankee Pitching Brain Trust Meeting Tonight In Tampa

Yanks To Report 30 Minutes Early Tomorrow For Team Meeting !

I just got a phone call, on a private line, from an unnamed source within the Yankee organization.

Word is: Joe Girardi has asked the team to come in at 10:00am tomorrow for a team meeting. The scheduled time for the team to assemble tomorrow is 10:30am.

So this gathering is off the record and not accessible, of course, to anyone but the team, the coaches, Brian, and "Ownership,"
should they choose to attend.

The Yankees only had two "team " meetings during the season, both of which were at the instigation of certain players. They were held first when the Yanks went on a bad run early, and the second meeting occurred during the disastrous September losing streak.

While I have no comments from anyone in the Yankee organization to either confirm or deny, I did speak with Bobby Valentine, and Dave Johnson, both former managers who are in town for some charity work.

" I think this shows more than a normal level of concern, " commented Bobby V. " But it can help a team re-focus when it is on the brink of losing confidence. I respect Joe for this, if it is true, and think he is just doing what he believes needs to be done."

Davey Johnson, by way of contrast, had this to offer; " I wouldn't do that at this point in the season for love or money. It is disrupting to the players' psyches and unlikely to be productive. In any case, no one will ever know if it helped or hindered. The team is either going to pitch better and bust out offensively, or go home."

We shall see.

I know that all the major media reporters will feed off this story, and we'll soon learn what they can dig up once they have some pre or post game access to Joe and or select players.
In that regard, I believe that Bill Madden of the Daily News has a live interview already scheduled with Boone Logan, so we'll see if that happens. Watch for any available coverage.

I believe it is cocktail hour in North America.

The tension builds.

Joe Finally Yanks AJ At The Right Moment

AJ is even happy to get pulled

"I've Got Better Things To Do"

"I don't care if we ever play another game in their pathetic sport, because I've got better things to do than waste my goddamm time and resources."
Sounds like and smells like BS to me, as an El Duque look a like with a fear beard was recently observed testing a Nasal Ranger® Field Olfactometer, a state-of-the-art portable odor detecting and measuring device at a barn in upstate New York

Nobody's watching baseball's stupid world series because nobody cares

It's stupid, and I'm glad the Yankees aren't playing in it.

I don't care if we ever play another game in their pathetic sport, because I've got better things to do than waste my goddamm time and resources.

I hear the ratings are down. Hah. Fine with me. I'm not watching. You people who are watching and blogging and trying to make it interesting, nobody is reading you. Understand? Nobody is reading you because nobody cares. Nobody.

Least of all, me. I hope we never play in another world series. They need us more than we need them.

Everybody's just so stupid.

Reason #14 On Why Joe Girardi Was Rehired As Manager

Giants Crush Yankees Late 9-0 Lead by Two Games

For the first 6 innings, the Yankee's Andy Pettitte gave the Yankees what he has always given in the big games, phenomenal pitching.

"I'll always take 6 innings and one run ( 3 hits ) in game 2 of the World Series from Andy," said manager Joe Girardi.

"Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, with our bullpen, we win that one," he continued.

Unfortunately for Yankee fans, last night was one of the exceptions. Matt Cain was better longer and, in the end, the vaunted Yankee bullpen showed a major leak.

Kerry Wood was great but Manager Girardi raised a few eyebrows when he went to Boone Logan with two men out in the bottom of the 8th, after Buster Posey delivered a broken bat, soft single to center.

Boone threw 11 straight balls, before being squeezed by the home plate umpire on a 3-1 count to Uribe and the walks continued. Dave Robertson continued the folly, walking in two more runs before SF started swinging the bat. Then, it got worse. Much worse.

The Fox cameras focused on Brian Cashman's sunken face as he watched this debacle from the first base side of the ballpark. Brian had to be imagining what George would say.

The Yankees again could not get big hits when they mattered. And the biggest bats, Grandy, Robbie, A-Rod and Jorge were a combined 3-16 with no extras base hits.

When Tex went down with a hammy against the Rangers, we lost even more than we feared as there was nothing on offense from Lance and our defense was shaky.

As the lights were shut down, the Giants had 9 and the Yankees showed no runs for nine innings of work. This shutout was only the 6th all year against this top-rated Yankee offense.

Now it is back to NY for a must win game three on Saturday. Phil Hughes will pitch the biggest game of his young career.

We are going to see the character and heart of this team, for sure.

10 Reasons the Yankees Resigned Joe Girardi

1. Don Mattingly was off the market.

2. Emotional speech by Chad Moeller to ownership following game 6 humiliation.

3. He's low-bidder.

4. Grady Little said no.

5. Steinbrenners have his number on cell phones; don't want hassle of changing.

6. Ol' Cash 'n Joe, "They's like two peas in a pod."

7. He's the only guy who knows how to fix quirky new showerheads.

8. Expert panel judged his 220-page "Yankee 2011 Action Plan" best among all submissions.

9. He'll hold post until AJ Burnett retires.

10. Certain revealing photographs. Let's, uhm, leave it at that.

Yanks Even Series With Giants In Game 2

Nolan Ryan Takes Out Ranger Loss On Tim McCarver

Tim's not so subtle rooting for the Rangers may have caused negative juju

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This Just In: Suspected D.C. Terrorist Bomber Had Been Spotted At A Giants' Game

God Bless Tony Bennett

enjoy it while you can as mlb will surely kill it.

Wear, Wear A Giants' Rally Thong

Inspired by Alibi Ike
Wear, wear a thong
Wear it in a crowd
But not for very long
Wear for good luck, not bad
Wear for happy, not sad.

Wear, wear a thong
Make it simple
Make sure it's not faced wrong
Don't worry that it's not big enough
for anyone else to stare
Just wear, wear a thong

Wear, wear a thong
Let the Giants win along
Wear for the Frisco love there could be
Wear to halt Ranger glee.

Firm Knew of Pettitte Injuries Before ALCS, Panel Says

WASHINGTON — Halliburton knew weeks before the ALCS  that Andy Pettitte was injured, but still recommended him to start Game 3 as planned, the presidential commission investigating the series said on Thursday.

In the first official finding of responsibility for the Texas Rangers' Game 3 8-0 blowout, the commission staff determined that Halliburton had conducted three tests that indicated that Pettitte's back and legs  did not meet major league standards.

The result of at least one of those tests was given on October 8 to the Yankees, who failed to act upon it, the panel’s lead investigator, Fred H. Bartlit Jr., said a letter delivered to the Commissioner's office on Thursday.

Another Halliburton test, carried out about a week before the blowout on October 18, also found Pettitte's condition to be unstable, yet those findings were never sent to the Yankees, Mr. Bartlit found.

Although Mr. Bartlit does not specifically identify Pettitte as the sole or even primary cause of the rout, he makes clear in his letter that if Pettitte's back and legs had done their job, there might not have been a blowout.

Yankees Drop Opener In Bay City As SF Romps 11-4

CC didn't make it through 5 innings yesterday, as the feisty SF Giants jumped on him for a 6 run inning in the 5th.

Much of the Giant's damage occurred after two were out. CC said that he had some problems with location, and credited Juan Uribe with hitting a mistake.

Tim Linsecum was not dominating either, although he hung on for 5 2/3 innings, yielding 4 runs but earning the win.

One would normally expect a far tighter game, with two recent Cy Young winners facing one another. But baseball, as John sterling says, is difficult to predict.

The Yankee bats were frustrated again and again, as they left too many runners in scoring position. They did this far too often in the series against Texas , as well.

Reflecting back upon the ALCS with Texas, Hal Steinbrenner commented," I just don't want to see A-Rod taking strike three at the end of any game. It reminds me of what Carlos Beltran did against the Cardinals when they were on the brink of going to the world Series, and look what has happened to them since that moment."

Thanks, Hal.

A three run rally in the ninth made it a closer, more competitive ball game, and forced SF to use their " Smith Bros." closer, but A-Rod flied to right to end the game with Yankees on the bases.

"Too little, too late," said Joe Girardi in the post game interview.

" But I liked the comeback. I liked the heart we showed. I think tonight will be a different story."

We hope so, too, Joe.

It's the Rally Thong Song!

Everybody sing a song
to celebrate the rally thong!

From Castro to the Tenderloin
A winning feeling in the groin!

Spangly rhinestones front and rear
Cup everything Gints fans hold dear.

Red silk fabric will raise no rash
When legging out an outfield smash

And blocks out the winter chill
In the field and on the hill.

From style maven Aubrey Huff
It's better than going in the buff.

To get em stoked, no better way
In lovely "Babylon by the Bay."

But in Dallas, brother, have a care.
Only strippers wear 'em there.

They'll jail your ass, without quarrel,
for corrupting public morals.

Play it safe, don't be too hasty,
Better pack your rally pasties.

Quartet Of Old Yank Pitching Coaches Brought In As Consultants To Try To Straighten Out Joba

Can The Lone Ranger Help The Rangers?

Nolan Ryan Takes Out Ranger Loss On The Black Man

Who knows why, but we guess Nolan is just taking a page out of Larry David's book?
But we kind of suspect that Nolan is not a NAACP member.

10 Reasons to Root for SanFran in the Series, none of which involve GWB

1. After hideous, team-splitting defeat, Cliff Lee more likely to sign with Yankees.

2. After hammering, Cliff Lee more likely to sign with Yankees for less money.

3. If SF wins, NL teams draft behind AL teams, right? So Yankees draft one notch higher. Right? (Do we a ruling on this?)

4. More off-season pressure on Cashman and Cashmen to shell out dinero, because it's not like we lost to the champions.

5. After blowout defeats, Josh Hamilton starts drinking, must leave Texas, increasing likelihood of signing with Yankees.

6. 'Fess up: Who didn't always like Willie Mays?

7. After winning series, Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey too expensive for Giants, more likely to sign with Yankees.

8. Jubilant California throngs celebrate by legalizing pot.

9. We want Texas to feel the pain we experienced.
10. Fukkit. And fuck GWB. Two wars and a tax cut... and they blame the deficit on Obama?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Untold Story Of Charlie Sheen's Arrest

He was really in New York to drown his Yankee sorrows with his old pal Alphonso.
btw Alphonso never got naked.

Sneak Preview Of Tonight's Jon Stewart Show

Suggested Clause For Girardi Contract Extension

Article I.
Manager shall not read, consult, consider, frantically or otherwise, any binder or similar collection of statistical information in any format during any game.

Article II.
Should Manager take any of the actions set forth in Article I, Ownership reserves the right to instruct Manager to wear clothing suitable for a middling accountant from Peoria, Illinois, accessorized by a red Swingline stapler that he must carry to/from every trip to the pitcher's mound.

Dave Comes Bearing Gifts 2

Dr. Melfi's 2nd Session With AJ

Footage of Yankee Being Stomped Goes Viral on Internet

Identified in the picture is Yankee supporter David Robertson, who was viciously attacked while attending a Texas Rangers game last week. The assailant is believed to be outfielder Josh Hamilton, who said the attack was merely a "dry drunk thing" and said the camera angle gives the false appearance that Robertson's brains are leaking out onto the pavement.

Bill Shannon, 1941-2010

Yankee fan, baseball writer and official American League scorekeeper Bill Shannon, 69, died in a fire at his mother's house in New Jersey Tuesday morning. Marty Noble's obituary for him at is thorough, fittingly sentimental and beautifully expressed:

Shannon was a character, different from most of the denizens of the press box. He stuck with sideburns longer than most, and had no use for computers, cellullar phones or other electronic gadgets of the day. When he scored, all that was in front of him on the press box desktop was his pens, scoring sheets, cups and cups of Pepsi and a deli sandwich he had purchased near his mother's home. His Pepsi consumption cost him his teeth, but he could get through a thick sandwich without trouble.
The book of scoring rules remained in his satchel, no need to reference it. Shannon might not have known the numbers and letters and paragraphs of the scoring rules, but he knew the rules and spirit of the rules. Jordan Sprechman is an attorney. He was one of Shannon's friends and business associates. They co-authored one book "This Date in New York Sports" and were collaborating on "Who's Who in New York Sports." Sprechman also is one of New York's official scorers.
"Bill didn't need to have the rulebook out. He knew what rule applied," he said. "Sure enough, you'd look it up and Bill had it right."
Shannon was considered a press box authority. He kept track of pitches before pitching coaches did and timed innings so when a particularly long one occured -- see Steve Trachsel, Jim McAndrew and all Yankees-Red Sox games -- he knew precisely how much time had passed. He delivered the pitching lines in unique fashion that prompted plebes to wonder.
He would speak the line -- say: seven innings, six hits, three runs, two earned, three walks, two strikeouts, one home run and one hit batsman. Then he'd repeat it at a quicker pace, pausing with one entry remaining. Then with great emphasis on the number, he would say "and one hit batsman." It became a ritual.
You should go and read the rest here.


Folks, this is a deal!!!

To honor the Yankees' level of play in the ALCS against the Texas Rangers, Steiner Sports Collectibles is offering all Yankees fans FREE DIRT from the old Yankee Stadium for only $4!!!! (The $4 is a handling fee, which is reasonable, because it is very difficult to find people who wish to handle dirt for a living).

And get this, folks: It is CERTIFIED GAME-USED DIRT!!!!!! Yes, it might have been trampled on by Aaron Boone after his ALCS-winning home run in 2003, or kicked by Edwar Ramirez after giving up a grand slam in 2008 ... you never know!!! And that's half the fun!!!

Remember folks, while other franchises treat their fans like dirt, the Yankees give you some of theirs!!!!


10 Reasons Why Jesus Montero Will Become a Great Yankee Catcher

1. Remember: At 20, Jorge Posada played 2B.

2. Nobody ever said, "You can't teach fielding; great fielders must be born."

3. The scouts said rookie Derek Jeter's glove wasn't ready.

4. Biggest complaint -- he's too big -- is a fraud. Jesus is 6'4 and 225. Baltimore superprospect Matt Wieters is 6'5, 225.

5. Two teachers -- Joe Girardi and Tony Pena -- know a bit about catching.

6. Posada, a great Yankee, will see him not as his replacement -- but as his legacy.

7. It'll be a sin to steal on Jesus.

8. Montero's only Yankee shot is catcher. If he played 1B, he'd have no chance.

9. Catching is 90 percent hustle and desire. With Yankee Stadium crowds, Montero will bring both.

10. Fukkit. It's him or Chad Moeller.

Could Joba's Failure Be Dave's Fault?

Maybe somewhere there was a failure to communicate

This Just In: Dr. Melfi Hired As Yankee Pitching Coach/Therapist

Could there also be another reason for Dave's departure?

That's A Really Good Point, But I Can't Think Of Anything Either

In the comments adjoining the post Bite Me Brainiac:


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dave Comes Bearing Gifts

True Fan Schools Eastern Egghead Elitist

Over at the lamestream New York Times, an elite economics pinhead (who's at least honest enough to call what he does "Freakonomics") tried his level darnedest to spin one of the really important issues now facing Americans: what value our free market should place on Derek Jeter's next contract.
If I were Jeter, here’s what I might propose: a salary of just $1 a year to play for as long as I’m valuable, along with a lifelong personal-services contract in exchange for, say, a 5 percent stake in ownership of the team.
Sounds smart, right?  Came this close to sucking me in--until commenter/patriot George weighed in with a nutritious helping of plain-folks aw-shucks tobacco-spittin' jeans-bulgin' heartland wisdom:
League rules prevent active players from having an ownership interest in the team. Also, there’s a league minimum salary of approximately $400,000-$500,000.
 BAM! POW! What do you say to that, Poindexter?

This Just In: Dave Eiland Hired As Bosox Pitching Coach

Does anyone now doubt the Yin-Yang between the Gints and Yanks? 10 Omens you should have seen

Face it, folks: After the ALCS, Tony Romo was doomed.


1. Yankees'' "Tex" injured.

2. Ex-Astro Lance Berkman falls, hits head.

3. Giants win NLCS.

4. Big game from Kevin Boss.

5. Romo carted off on meat tray. (Think: Sergio)

6. Texan Phil Hughes pitches horribly.

7. Andy Pettitte, former Astro, beaten.

8. ALCS score (combined): Texas 32, NY 13.
MNF score: NY 41, Texas 35

9. Yanks' running game vanishes.

10. Dave Eilland sacked.

Through the tears, it's time to nominate October's Yankee Employee of the Month!

Who will wear the pin?
Dave "No Man is a Whipping Post" Eilland?

Update: The Machine Unavailable For Yank Pitching Coach Job

IIH expert graphic analysis was able to reveal that man behind the Machine's mask is indeed the S&M expert Nolan Ryan, he of the no innings limit for pitchers.

Rumor: Brian Wilson's Mentor "The Machine" Slated To Be Named Next Yankee Pitching Coach

The machine appeared briefly in an interview that Brian did with sbnation

Yanks' New York Daily News Hot Topics Run Ends

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Steinbrenner Summit Meeting

Seeming Innocent IT IS HIGH Post Becomes Mirror Reflection on American Voter Rage

This is exactly what Pedroia and his pack of cowards want...

A once-unified House that Ruth Built... divided.

Scenes We'd Like To See: Cashman Fires Himself

With the help of Cashman look a like Matthew Broderick, Yankee GM Brian Cashman fired himself at a press conference today.
Cashman said the move had nothing to do with poor decisions over the last few years, including the long term expensive contracts given to A-Rod, A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira and the acquisition of such over the hill, injury prone and talentless players such as Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns,  Lance Berkman,  Randy Winn, Chan Flo Park and Javier Vazquez. "It was time for a change, an opportunity came up to star in the new movie, The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. It could be a blockbuster with several sequels." Also time was needed to bleach Brian's tongue which had been discolored an unflattering doody brown from the constant Steinbrenner family rim jobs that Brian had performed.
When Kimberly Jones asked about his savvy signing of Marcus Thames and Kerry Woods, Brian said
he was away at those times and that those deals were inked by a 19 year old Hunter College intern.