Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Does anyone now doubt the Yin-Yang between the Gints and Yanks? 10 Omens you should have seen

Face it, folks: After the ALCS, Tony Romo was doomed.


1. Yankees'' "Tex" injured.

2. Ex-Astro Lance Berkman falls, hits head.

3. Giants win NLCS.

4. Big game from Kevin Boss.

5. Romo carted off on meat tray. (Think: Sergio)

6. Texan Phil Hughes pitches horribly.

7. Andy Pettitte, former Astro, beaten.

8. ALCS score (combined): Texas 32, NY 13.
MNF score: NY 41, Texas 35

9. Yanks' running game vanishes.

10. Dave Eilland sacked.


Joe De Pastry said...

Screw the Giants and anybody else who benefits from the defeat of the only team that matters to me.

Anonymous said...

Phil Hughes aint no stinkin Texan!

Coach Alph said...

Phil Hughes is from Ca.

Nice work there, Duque, on Giants/Yanks ying/yang.