Thursday, October 21, 2010

"If Cano had batted third all season, he would have won the MVP hands down," and 9 other observations about the Yankees

1. Next year, by mid-season, we will be transitioning from a once-great catcher to a perhaps future-great one, without noticing much change defensively.

2. In a move reminscent of the 2006 Dice-K contract, the Redsocks will sign Cliff Lee. He loves beating the Yankees, Boston needs a boost, and the Redsock Nation will hail the Second Coming of Curt Schilling/Josh Beckett.

3. The Yankiverse must not forget that Joba just turned 25 last month. After Hughes, he remains our best pitching prospect. (BTW, Andrew Brackman turns 25 next month.)

4. If Boston signs Cliff Lee, the Yankees would have one option: To sign Carl Crawford, the best position player on the market, and trade Brett Gardner, plus a few of their best pitching prospects (Joba, Brackman, Betances, etc.) for Felix Hernandez.

5. Soon, some team will make Kevin Long a manager, due to his incredible success with Curtis Granderson. It must not be forgotten that Granderson's turn-around is probably just as much due to his stand-up character and willingness to learn.

6. Next year at this time, Jeter will be batting ninth. Brace yourselves.

7. The most unmentioned aspect to the Yankees this year is the decline in A-Rod's game. At this rate, he will be mediocre by 2012.

8. AJ Burnett is not Carl Pavano. 

9. As Alphonso has pointed out, the Yankee collapse since Sept. 1 has been for the ages. This team has one hope of redeeming its cracked reputation. It must happen this weekend.


alphonso is right said...

A-Rod has dodged a bullet of scorn because he still had 120 rbi or so, right?

I think the injuries/surgeries are taking a toll on his 36 (?) year old body.

He is doing little at the plate and is no longer the threat/force he was last year.

Without A-Rod leading the offense, and Tex out ( who always is our best defensive player ), and only CC Sabathia as a true ace, we have not enough talent to win.

Joev De Pastry said...

Seattle has the only GM stupid enough to trade for Gardner. Last year he traded for Milton Bradley, Casey Kotchman, and Jack Wilson.

Joe De Pastry said...

One cause for optimism re next year: We could have more potential HOF players platooning as DHs than any other team in history: Jeter, Rodriguez, and Posada!

Anonymous said...

(1) And we once again have a base clogging DH. Approved.

(4) Yes, please.

(5) Granderson has that rare quality that eludes AJ and Joba - "coachability". And mark this well - Granderson will himself be a manager someday.

(6) And playing RF ?

(8) More's the pity.

(9) It started August 1st, but hey, who's paying attention ?