Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hughes Bests Sanchez as Yanks Win 4-2

I think last night proved to everyone that Brian Cashman did the right thing in not trading Phil Hughes as part of a package for Santana.

It was the third straight time this post season that Hughes acted as a stopper, earning a victory after a Yankee loss.

Last night, Phil allowed two runs while going 72/3 innings, making him 3-0 with a 1.73 ERA in four post season starts.

The offense showed up early, as Lance Berkman blasted a 3 run home run in the bottom of the second, hitting from the 9th spot in the Yankee order. Robbie Cano hit a solo dinger in the 5th to give the Yanks a 4 run lead.

When things tightened up a bit late in the game, David Robertson pitched effectively and got the last out in the 8th. Mariano completed the package with a flawless ninth sealing the win.

So the Yankees are back in it, although AJ Burnett is slated to go this evening. Rumors still swirl about his lack of effectiveness after a great start to his season. The fact that AJ's decline began when Dave Eiland took off a mysterious 29 days in mid-season, has reporters seeking a link to Charlie Sheen, of all people.

AJ still has not explained his black eye and he has yet to pitch well in the post season.

There are other stories being bandied about on various blogs that Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland have not spoken since Dave returned from his leave of absence. That becomes really awkward when the buffet treys are opened and someone is asked to, " pass the ribs," as they say.

In any case, and this reporter is saying it first, watch for a coaching change when this season ends, regardless of the outcome.

Tonight, the Yankees expect the largest crowd of the season.

As far as I am concerned, this is another, " must win." And AJ may not be the man to do it.


David Ballela said...

rumor has it that President Obama and his muslim father will throw out the first pitch

Joe De Pastry said...

I guess I was wrong about Robertson; he got the job done in a high leverage situation tonight.