Sunday, October 24, 2010

World Serious

Let''s think about this upcoming Yankeeless matchup:

Who should Bombers fans favor?


Root for the Giants with Yankees great Dave Righetti?

and Yanks stalwart Roberto Kelly?

Or Texas, with this clown?

Do the math!


Anonymous said...

I'd much rather have "this clown" as president than the anti-American socialist moslem we ended up with. God bless and God help America!

Regarding the Yankees... they looked tired ever since they fell out of first place. Lack of focus on the field, too many publicity events and lousy physical training/rehabs. They have the talent to win but there's an underlying problem. That's why guys like Burnett, Pavano, Lilly etc suck when the they play for NY but improve once they're gone. If Burnett gets traded you'll see.


Stang said...

SF Gays vs. TX Christians!
Go Gays!

Joe said...

wait, yanks lose, that means the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS will win, right? fair trade. and SU beat the mountainqueers this weekend.

Gringo Starr said...

John is right. I'm with him. I think the umps were Moslems and Socialists too. It's a fact. Have you seen their birth certificates?

Case closed.

Nolan Reichstag said...

The Fuhrer, who was pulling for the Rangers is trying to destroy the National Socialist Moslem Movement.

David Ballela said...

don't forget the giants batting coach,
Hensley, Bam Bam, Meulens

Assistant Pontiff said...


You've got it right.

God is gay anyway, right? I mean his personification wears dresses and bling and pointy hats....

And he loves to mess with the altar boys.

So, the gays should win this one.

Joe De Pastry said...

How can you be both Anonymous and John?
What does your birth certificate actually say?
Could we all agree to just keep the political stuff to ourselves or post it somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

I list my name to differentiate myself from other anonymous listings. I'm not signing up with Goggle. Got it? Considering the anti-Bush crap on the original articles and graphics I'd say the politics barrier is long gone. Or did you happen to conveniently miss those details? I guess it's only only a problem for you when someone disagrees with the liberals. Typical.

el duque said...

This horrible ALCS loss is dividing our Yankiverse, turning us against one another. We have to put it behind us. WE MUST NOT FIGHT EACH OTHER. FOR GODSAKE, PEOPLE, THE ENEMY IS BOSTON, NOT YOUR FELLOW YANKEEFANS.

Anonymous said...

As I said earlier, our Yankees biggest enemy is somewhere within the Yankee organization. This year's team is not much different talen-wise than last year's.
Yet they looked dog tired slipping from first place. Possibly they need a curfew, are spending too much off the field time doing Yankees charities, TV spots and interviews. New York City is a busy place and being a local hero can be a drain if they let it. If the kids can't control themselves in the candy store they get sick. All these things are also mentally distracting. The lack of focus and drive were all too apparent. The Yankees as they stand (with no trades) are capable of much better than they showed.

el duque said...

I think John's onto something. I have never seen a good Yankee team so flat, so overwhelmed, so dismal. They were the baseball version of the 2009 New York Football Giants. Around Aug. 15, the wheels absolutely fell off this bus. Maybe it happened earlier, and we didn't know it, because we were playing the Royals, White Sox, et al. But look at the players we put on the field, and look at what happened.

And why do I have the sinking feelig that, once out of New York, Javier Vazquez will pitch well? Once out of NY, Joba will thrive? Once out of NY, anybody's career will improve?

How do you change a toxic situation? Because we may be heading into one, and the Mets have been there now for nine years.

Joe De Pastry said...

Anonymous John,
My comment about politics was not directed only to you.
Your comment was the trigger for it because it made me realize how angry others were getting.
If you want to vote for the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, I don't care. I'd just prefer not to read political comments here. The internet is not exactly lacking in places for that stuff to be discussed.
When I suggest that we cool it with the politics here, I'm referring to both Bush haters and Obama haters. [But I think the Bush comments are more understandable when they relate to hating the Rangers.]
But I say weird stuff myself, about a variety of things, and I realize that nobody might care what I think.

Anonymous said...

Joe I agree but seeing a baseball card labeling "W" as a draft dodger did cast the first stone. At least he was able throw a strike to home plate (and reach it) at Yankee Stadium. To make matters worse I'm a Jets fan.

Whitey Fraud said...

Politics? Huh?

It's a fact that Bush was a clown and a bozo. Not to mention a fratboy drunkard and a bedwetter.

And a draft dodger.

That's not politics, John Anon. It's the truth.

Just don't shoot me in the face over this. Or start a phony war.

Peace out!

Anonymous said...

Fraud... good name. Drunkard... Ted Kennedy (also adulterer and murderer). Bigot... Senator Robert Byrd KKK Imperial Wizard. Check your facts. And while you are at it check where B. Clinton was during the Vietnam war. Phony war? How about that garbage in Bosnia to distract all from the Monica cigar thingy? Yeah, Americans really needed to go into harms way in Bosnia. How about horse-face Kerry lying about his Purple Hearts and just about everything else. Obama... too much to list here. Musllin. Hates whites and America in general. You are right about one thing though... I am a gun owner.

Stang said...

Anonymous John, while you've been pleasuring yourself with stale rants about Robert Byrd and Monica Lewinsky we liberals have quietly been installing a Socialist Muslim tax-and-spend pro-gay anti-business dictatorship of treason and sin. So keep ranting all you want. Once we cram Net Neutrality into our Silly Putty Constitution, you won't be anonymous for long.

Stang said...

Also: GO 2011 YANKEES!

anonymous larry craig said...

Where can I get those pleasurable stale rants about Robert Byrd?

Anonymous said...

You may find them next to the stale rants about Nixon. Look in the "It's Bush's Fault" section.

larry craig said...

John definitely isn't stale. Tell him I'm in stall 3.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anybody flush around here?

Whitey Fraud said...

Bosnia? Wtf!

Don't tell the Serbs.

And don't sign up with Goggle either (whatever that is).