Friday, February 28, 2014

Weird game thread yesterday in Tampa

This went on for several more comments, concluding that it was a concessions guy.

Obviously, the man was yelling, "HERE, HERE! HITLER!"

The Yankees should do something.

"Hey, kids, it's me, Mr. Elbow!" Joba has a new smileyface

He added a tattoo to his scar.  I'm sure he did it for his kid.

Awwwwww, jeeze... I wish it had worked out, I really do. I can't dislike the guy. He's... Joba.

Yeah, he sucked for us last year, especially at the end, and he really needed to get out of NYC, and - damn - it's really going to hurt if he puts it all together in Detroit.

But I can't bring myself to root against the guy. He's... Joba. He was our Everyman. For a while, he was our great hope. In some respects, he was our last great hope.

Now this:

Hey, Kids, what time is it?

Live from spring training 1961

To understand what Derek Jeter is going through in his rehab, journalist Meredith Marakovitz broke her ankle over the winter

It had to be painful, but there was simply no other way: To report on a broken ankle, you need to have one. It will be a long road back in 2014. She will be slow in getting down the first base line to grab her player of the game. She will be announcing in pain. But nobody will have the kind of insights into Jeter's soul that comes with sharing a broken forepaw. Let's hope both can comeback.