Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cheer up, Yankiverse: Seattle is even more down on Jesus Montero than we are on Michael Pineda

Check this out: The Mariners thought they were trading for a catcher. Instead, they got a whale. A growing whale.

After each season, players meet with training and medical staff to set up their off-season. Each player is given a target weight they are expected to come in at for the following season. According to sources,  Montero has never once met that target weight since joining the Mariners. This year he came in 40 pounds over the weight the Mariners wanted him to come in at.

Forty pounds. That should be the title of a Springsteen protest song.

The Jesus/Pineda trade remains one of the most complex two-team debacles in baseball history. (Technically speaking, it still might not be a debacle for us.) Thus far, Pineda and Montero have been equally rancid, but it looks like Jesus is pulling ahead in the disappointment department.

The weird part is not knowing whether Montero was ever a real prospect or just a figment of the Yankee/YES crapola factory. If the latter, we must wonder about Gary Sanchez, who has Jesus II inscribed on his forehead.

Seriously, how could Jesus have been so highly regarded, and then turn out to be so bad? Even if he couldn't catch, the expectation was that he could hit. Turns out, all he can do is eat. 

It’s led to frustration within the organization. General manager Jack Zduriencik was particularly critical of Montero and his future. “We are disappointed in how he came in physically,” Zduriencik said bluntly.

“In the end, it’s Jesus’ life,” Zduriencik said. “It’s Jesus who has to make a call on this. We’ll be there to assist any  of these players him included. But he will not given anything. It’s an uphill climb for him. He has the ability to get over the hump and he should. But if he doesn’t, then shame on Jesus.”

Who knows? Maybe Robbie can teach Jesus how to hustle, and he'll lose all that weight.


Anonymous said...

"Shame on Jesus."

JM said...

Q: What would Jesus do?
A: Order the double cheesy crust meat lover and get a side of Cinnabons.

But seriously, ladies and germs...what was the name of that kid who simply loved being a Yankee that we traded to Texas and who then spiraled himself out of baseball in not too many years? I always think of him when these young guys who dream of pinstripes get traded for horsemeat (add that to the pizza, please) and then can't deal with their disappointment and shattered dreams. Kind of sad. At least his arms work (yeah, Pinheada, we're talking 'bout you).

JM said...

Get it? Pineda, Pinhead-a?

Yeah, not that good. It's too early in the morning.

KD said...

Montero must have the Joba-gene. He should expect a call from Detroit, who are down one fat ass at first.

If Pineda gets a couple of guys out this year, we win the trade. Is it possible we're smarter than Seattle? Let's see how Mr. Cano does. For once maybe we didn't pay a premium for the waning years of a superstar.

Anonymous said...

I still thing Montero can hit -- he seemed to have pretty good power to the opposite field. Wouldn't mind picking him off the scrap heap when the Mariners throw him out.

As for Samchez -- all the signs of pure hype. Throw out the farm teams and start over again.