Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Poetry Corner: Wilson Betemit, Never Ever Get a Hit


First base Wilson Betemit
Never ever-ever gonna get a hit.
Pitcher never even have to sweat a bit.
Not with Wilson Betemit.

Second base Wilson Betemit.
Squats like old man take a shit.
Swings like girl with a fake-a-tit.
No good Wilson Betemit.

Shortstop Wilson Betemit.
Called strike three he throw a fit.
On the bench he should-a-sit.
Be gone Wilson Betemit.

Third base Wilson Betemit.
Plays like do not give a whit.
Someday soon he ought-a-quit.
Sick of Wilson Betemit.

1 comment:

Tom said...

Superfrankenstein here.

Would that Wilson Betemit never ever got a hit. He fucked up Brandon Morrow's no-hitter. I could have been in the stands for a no-hitter!