Friday, May 23, 2008

Top Baseball Nicknames That Should Have Been for Serial Killers

Dr. K
Mr. October
The Barber
Captain Hook
The Vacuum Cleaner
Hammerin’ Hank
Three Fingers
The Melk Man
Double X
The Mad Hungarian
Mr. Reliable
The Bird
The Yankee Clipper
Shoeless Joe
Conine the Barbarian
The Gravedigger


Bobby Murder said...


Bostowned said...

Rollie Fingers.

Ok maybe more of a sex offender.

Anonymous said...

The Big Hurt

Anonymous said...

Crime Dog

Piss and Wynegar said...

El Guapo

Nah...same problem as Rollie Fingers.

Ben said...

No Neck!

Anonymous said...

Da Meat Hook

Anonymous said...

Who was the Mad Hungarian?


Anonymous said...


Tom said...

What about nicknames that could be Porn Names, like "The Big Unit"