Monday, October 25, 2010

No World Series on TV? Oh No! Yankee fans caught in terrible Cablevision-Fox money dispute

Horror! Damnation! Blasphemy! Says today's Times...

The feud between Cablevision and the News Corporation has already resulted in an extraordinarily long blackout of programming. Now it threatens to shut Cablevision customers out of the World Series.

This is terrible news, just terrible! No Giants-Rangers games on TV?

Hard to imagine. But... hey... if that's the price we Yankee fans must pay for justice in cable revenues... so be it! We at IT IS HIGH say this:
Fight on, valiant lawyers! Do not give one single inch!
The war for justice in TV revenue shall be won by the team that holds out the longest!
If you cave in, you'll be laughingstocks!
Make your mothers proud. Go hard. Go deep. Go long! 

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