Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Reasons to Root for SanFran in the Series, none of which involve GWB

1. After hideous, team-splitting defeat, Cliff Lee more likely to sign with Yankees.

2. After hammering, Cliff Lee more likely to sign with Yankees for less money.

3. If SF wins, NL teams draft behind AL teams, right? So Yankees draft one notch higher. Right? (Do we a ruling on this?)

4. More off-season pressure on Cashman and Cashmen to shell out dinero, because it's not like we lost to the champions.

5. After blowout defeats, Josh Hamilton starts drinking, must leave Texas, increasing likelihood of signing with Yankees.

6. 'Fess up: Who didn't always like Willie Mays?

7. After winning series, Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey too expensive for Giants, more likely to sign with Yankees.

8. Jubilant California throngs celebrate by legalizing pot.

9. We want Texas to feel the pain we experienced.
10. Fukkit. And fuck GWB. Two wars and a tax cut... and they blame the deficit on Obama?


Bye Bye Balboni said...

11. The Rangers' name was already taken by another team. A HOCKEY team, for Chrissakes.

12. The Giants' colors, black and orange, are very attractive. Does anyone even know what the Rangers' colors are?

13. Because all the birthers are probably rooting for Texas.

David Ballela said...

14. To see Nolan Ryan implode on air.

Alibi Ike said...

15. The last parade I remember in Dallas, somebody got shot.

16. Texas is halfway toward beating the Cubs' record of championship futility -- let's not interrupt them in their quest for immortality.

17. Would rather see rally thong than Champ Chaps (although in the Castro, you might see both.)

Anonymous said...

More Liberal mindlessness interjected into a baseball conversation---typical Liberal..complaining about a tax brainwashed can one be?

David Ballela said...

18. More liberal brainwashing if the Giants win.

David Ballela said...

Hey anonymous John,
If you don't like the conversation why don't you
go here for your baseball fix

David Ballela said...

19. Because Tony Bennett knows how to sing God Bless America

el duque said...


I get the feeling that Anonymous might just be jerking our chains.

Alibi Ike said...

What is it with conservatives and their closet bondage fetishes?

pee wee said...

no el duque,
he's much too dumb. he's just a jerk and I'm very familiar with the type.
i was doing some anonym jerkin the jerk.

Anonymous said...

Buck Foston reason number 20

Dave Righetti is there pitching coach.