Tuesday, October 26, 2010

True Fan Schools Eastern Egghead Elitist

Over at the lamestream New York Times, an elite economics pinhead (who's at least honest enough to call what he does "Freakonomics") tried his level darnedest to spin one of the really important issues now facing Americans: what value our free market should place on Derek Jeter's next contract.
If I were Jeter, here’s what I might propose: a salary of just $1 a year to play for as long as I’m valuable, along with a lifelong personal-services contract in exchange for, say, a 5 percent stake in ownership of the team.
Sounds smart, right?  Came this close to sucking me in--until commenter/patriot George weighed in with a nutritious helping of plain-folks aw-shucks tobacco-spittin' jeans-bulgin' heartland wisdom:
League rules prevent active players from having an ownership interest in the team. Also, there’s a league minimum salary of approximately $400,000-$500,000.
 BAM! POW! What do you say to that, Poindexter?


Joe De Pastry said...

Jeter should have to pay the Yankees if he wants to continue playing shortstop until he's as old as Brett Favre. He wouldn't be making millions for doing commercials and his girlfriend wouldn't be winning a title that would have been given to Christina Hendricks if he weren't still a Yankee.

I'm Bill White said...

We need a new name for Hot Stove. It's dated. I have no suggestions.