Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Reasons the Yankees Resigned Joe Girardi

1. Don Mattingly was off the market.

2. Emotional speech by Chad Moeller to ownership following game 6 humiliation.

3. He's low-bidder.

4. Grady Little said no.

5. Steinbrenners have his number on cell phones; don't want hassle of changing.

6. Ol' Cash 'n Joe, "They's like two peas in a pod."

7. He's the only guy who knows how to fix quirky new showerheads.

8. Expert panel judged his 220-page "Yankee 2011 Action Plan" best among all submissions.

9. He'll hold post until AJ Burnett retires.

10. Certain revealing photographs. Let's, uhm, leave it at that.


David Ballela said...

11. his promise of hiring Billy Connors as a pitching coach.
12. he'll cut taxes and fire gvt workers
13. he has a cute family.
14. his emmmy deserving role in the taco bell chalupa commercial

Anonymous said...

Watch it Jimmie--you'll need gov't workers.