Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10 Reasons Why Jesus Montero Will Become a Great Yankee Catcher

1. Remember: At 20, Jorge Posada played 2B.

2. Nobody ever said, "You can't teach fielding; great fielders must be born."

3. The scouts said rookie Derek Jeter's glove wasn't ready.

4. Biggest complaint -- he's too big -- is a fraud. Jesus is 6'4 and 225. Baltimore superprospect Matt Wieters is 6'5, 225.

5. Two teachers -- Joe Girardi and Tony Pena -- know a bit about catching.

6. Posada, a great Yankee, will see him not as his replacement -- but as his legacy.

7. It'll be a sin to steal on Jesus.

8. Montero's only Yankee shot is catcher. If he played 1B, he'd have no chance.

9. Catching is 90 percent hustle and desire. With Yankee Stadium crowds, Montero will bring both.

10. Fukkit. It's him or Chad Moeller.


Johnny One Note said...

Mega deal from Mitsubishi if he signs. John and Suzy will have a new sponsor.

Johnny Rocket said...

Are you putzi jerkin with me?

Holy Ghost said...

Jorge had been a second baseman.

A bit more agile and athletic, at some point, than Jesus. Although they probably moved Jorge from second because he had no range ( speed ).

I wonder how the "scouts" compare Jesus to Buster ( the SF rookie catcher and budding superstar ) and Matt of Baltimore, at comparable points in AAA, etc.