Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hamstring injury means Teixiera will miss World Series

Fortunately, Lance Berkman can handle the bag with Ron Kittleian grace. It'll give us a chance to appreciate  the Astro Man's leather hide, flashed daily in the Ghost of Gehrig's corner -- and to snicker about those who questioned the Mark Melancon deal, fearing our Joba/Meat Tray bullpen wouldn't hold.  

So the question, Yankiverse: Who takes Tex's roster spot in the upcoming 7-game series?

Hard to say, 'till we learn our opponent.

If it's SF: Speedburner Eddie Nunez enhances our late-inning baserunning capes. We can rest the overworked Ramiro Pena, so in blowouts -- say, 10-3 scores -- we can give our left side, The Captain and Tenuous, a well deserved curtain call.

If it's Phily: I'm thinking last year's juju charm, Chippin' Chad Gaudin.
Or... Old Reliable... the hanging Chad...

Mr. Moeller, come on down! Your ring is waiting, and we don't mean Royce.

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