Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Told You Guys ( and Babes ) It Would Happen Like This

This was no surprise.

Worse, we are all going to think the same thing next season:

1. Derek will have another great year.

2. A-Rod will find his power.

3. Jorge is still our starter.

4. A powderfuff outfield, with speed at two spots, is plenty.

5. Mo and Andy will still be
great ( this one is likely correct ).

6. Joba will find his mojo.

7. Hughes can win with fewer than a 9 run lead.

We've heard it now for two years. And because it all came together last
year ( hmmmm; although it was Damon and Matsui who won it for us ), Cash and his execs will think they just need to bring in one starting pitcher and several more Nick Johnsons; Javy Lopez's; Boone Logan's; Sergio Mitre's, etc. and we'll be back in the hunt.

The reality is this;

A. Derek, A-Rod, Jorge are not dangerous enough anymore.

B. Cano and Tex are the goods.

C. CC, Mo and Andy can still do it. But only CC has a long career remaining.

D. Hughes is probably our best long reliever, as he gets his bell rung in inning 5 all the time.

E. AJ is a waste and should be dealt.

F. Joba's star went out after his first year. I'd rather drink with him now than watch him pitch.

G. Grandy, Gardiner and Swisher are fun, try hard, come through once in a while, but are not a fearsome bunch.

H. Jesus isn't going to be ready. Cervelli can't hit and is only a marginal improvement over Jorge on defense. Lance is slower than Jorge and can't hit at all as a righty.

I. Ivan will never win more than 8 games as a full time starter.

J. Bettances, Brackman and that other minor league pitcher whose name no one can
recall ( because his accomplishments are tainted ) will be "ok" in spring training, but won't make the team. None of these guys will ever be the next anybody.

K. Mitre will be hurt and have more surgery next April.

L. We have no one in the minors who can help in a meaningful way.

M. If the Rangers win it all, Lee will have no motivation to come to the Yankees.

N. Here is the greatest long-term danger; everyone now can see that the Yankees are beginning a lengthy transition to mediocrity. The superstars who have never won a championship will no longer say, " I'm going to become a free agent, join the Yankees and win my ring." So they won't come. No more Tiexiera's will be interested, but there will always be plenty more Kevin Browns ready to cash in.

We are finished for a decade. Longer, if Cashman reverts to form and signs former superstars whose days are gone, but who want the money and love to sulk.

At least Boston didn't beat us this time.

Actually, losing to George Bush is worse.


Jim said...

What a stupid overreactionary post.

Yeah, this team sucked so much it got to within 2 games of the World Series despite massive SP issues.

Al Jazeera said...

while my initial reaction is to go back and put my head back in the oven, the reality is that if Seattle didn't get snookered into a stupid deal this would have never happened.

Alibi Ike said...

Nope, Alph is right on with this one.

Would you really like this team's chances against the Phils or Giants?

Parson Tom said...

Overreactionary? The Yankees sucked for the last two months and we're basically .500 since the All Star break if it weren't for that 8-game win streak. They beat the Twins because the Twins sucked. They got bullrushed by the Rangers and looked old, slow and overmatched. They will be competitive next year, and their veterans will perform, off and on, but aint no championships on the horizon for this group, barring new, undectable breakthroughs in pharmacology.

Anonymous said...

Buck Foston says,

We where wining in game 5 the tide was turning in that game til that Bat Fastard Molina hit the game wining Home Run. This series was closer then u all think.

Anonymous said...

We all lost when George Bush left office. Welcome to the Obamanation.

JohnF said...

"This series was closer then u all think."

You mean besides the fact the Yanks were outscored 2 to 1?