Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Arod: Captain of ... Industry?

The awesomeness of Arod can only be compared to his preternatural lack of self-awareness. It's part of his charm, such as it is.
He's not just a craven self-promoter, but someone who's had a second coming and seeks to leverage the public's short, addled memory.

And the esteemed multi-Pulitzer Prize awarded Miami Herald is playing a part in the rehabilitation of the tarnished image of the Yankee near-great. He's been selected, with slight notice or fanfare, as a judge in the paper's annual Business Plan Challenge.



KD said...

You know, PEDs are dangerous and harmful to one's body. Yet here we have Mr. Rod willing to SACRIFICE his HEALTH to become a better baseball player. To become a better YANKEE! He didn't do this for money. He already had that famously bloated contract. He didn't do it for fame. He did it for US, the Yankees fan! Who among us would take a needle in the butt filled with unregulated, dangerous biologically-active compounds? None of us would do such a thing. We haven't the COURAGE! We haven't the love for the faceless, unknown fans who toil their lives away in hopes of one day buying a box seat and an $8 hot dog at Yankee Stadium.

God Bless America! God bless ARod!

KD said...

It's no fun being a Gadfly if I get no reactions. Hoping to lure Sassy Anon out of hiding. Just not meant to be, I suppose.

Happy Valentine's day!