Sunday, June 27, 2021

Fear the worst: Boston could win another World Series

Why are the Yankees like the owners of Champlain Towers in Surfside, Fla?

Before this weekend's catastrophic collapse, they ignored numerous warnings about structural weaknesses in their core. They had opportunities to fix the problems. They just didn't want to spend the money.  

And now, as we grope for one measly win, it's time for the Yankiverse to face yet another terror: 

Boston might do it again. 

Last year, while we chased a ridiculous, half-season, pandemic pennant, the Redsocks surgically tanked - jettisoning high-priced veterans (even Mookie), restocking their farm clubs and finishing dead last - (yes, even a game below Baltimore) - giving them the 4th pick in this week's MLB draft. (Thus, the latest Yankee horror: Could Boston get Jack Leiter?) Their fan base happily accepted this strategy, because it has worked four times in the last 20 years. 

It's time to face the reality: In the modern era, Boston is absolutely crushing us. 

Their team - which we pooh-poohed all spring - is a serious contender to win the franchise's fifth World Championship in this millennium.

The Yankees have two. In moments of pride, we can call ourselves "The 2009 World Champion New York Yankees!"

Often, in open tribal warfare, Yankee fans chant "Twenty Seven Rings." at Boston folks. This is sad. This is like a northerner, entering a Walmart and shouting at the greeter, "War Between the States!" 

People, we are starting to look pathetic. Seriously, fans of other teams no longer go out of their way to give me shit. They feel sorry for me. 

How many times do we watch other teams purposely self-immolate - only to a year later shoot past us in the standings, while we jog in place with former all-starts, four years past their sell-by dates? 

Yeesh. Is it happening again? 


Publius said...

Red Sox 2021 recall Red Sox 2013. Resurgent Ortiz then, resurgent Martinez now. Otherwise a lineup that doesn't overly impress but is well balanced. A pitching staff of 2d and 3d starters and a nondescript bullpen. But they play good baseball and seem to win every day. If it wasn't the goddamned Red Sox, it'd be a fun team to follow.

cabish47 said...

Arrogance has always been part of the Yankee fans' repertoire. Guilty as charged since the fifties. It is misplaced in recent years. Case in point, the Royals came calling this week. A columnist in the Post called them lousy. But they have won a World Series (2015) since we have. It is time to stumble down from Mount Olympus. What do we have to brag about in the present?

Alphonso said...

Football starts to provide news about a month.

el duque said...

Yeah, the Giants look like Super Bowl favorites.

JM said...

They got a couple hits when it counted, but the Renfro hits were pathetic. I think you could almost say we lost due to the goddamn shift, which was finally abandoned near the end of the game and Renfro promptly grounded out to DJ where second basemen are supposed to play. Different game if he's playing there the first three times the guy was up, which cost us badly.

I still feel for Monty. He pitched a nice game, but was done in by our usual geniuses in the dugout and front office (where you know the shift crap came from).

The stupid burns.

Anonymous said...

Besides the Renfro hits, the shift gave away another out which was very significant. A lefty hitter, I think it was Devers, popped up and Urshela had to go a very long way to get it. He had no time to get to the wall and set himself to reach in. Instead, had to just lunge after a long run. And he couldn't make the catch. If he had played a normal third base, I think he makes that catch. So, arguably, that big inning was all because of the shifts.

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