Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Holy Crap! Looky What I Found Behind the Couch

An authentic Yankees game program from 1983, a year we totally sucked!

Doyle Alexander. Jerry Mumphrey. Andre Robertson. Roy Smalley. A whole bunch of great players way over the hill: Guidry, Nettles, Goose, Lou, Murcer -- what a crap year: 1983.

We traded for Big John Mayberry, who didn't hit his weight.

Check this baby out:

"When Telcom Plus asked me to represent them, they told me they were one of the largest private telecommunications companies in the country. And that they had a great reputation for providing quick, local service to their 19,000 customers... something unique in the business.

"Well, I've got a reputation too,which means I've got to be careful. So before I agreed to anything, I said, 'Prove it.'

I don't think that company has any relations to the present day Telecom Plus.


Anonymous said...

Great find. Check this out from the Onion:,17195/

a nice Sox burn.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

I beg to differ. 91 wins doth not an immortal Yankee team make, but they were in contention until deep into September. The '82 team with Dave Collins... now THEY sucked.

Joe DePastry said...

I'm with Balboni. Thet weren't that bad. They finished third, 7 behind Baltimore. Guidry won 21 games, and Goose won 13 to go along with 22 saves and a 2.27 ERA. It was also the year of the pine tar game.
But that was Martin's 3d time as manager, out of 5. He got fired in December [I don't know why], but was kept on as an "advisor" to George, which must have made Yogi [his replacement] feel really uncomfortable. Then Billy replaced Yogi 7 games into the 1985 season, after George promised that Yogi would definitely not be fired during the season. Thank goodness those crazy days are long gone.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

And don't forget rookie first baseman Don Mattingly, who hit .283 in 91 games and showed glimpses of the star he'd become in '84.

Perhaps Offseason '83 was when Billy got in the fight with the marshmallow salesman? Or was that '85?

Mike said...

please tell me you got that grandyman song.

Joe DePastry said...

The marshmallow fight was in 1979.
I guess he got fired in '83 for finishing third, even though they won 12 more games than in '82 with Bob Lemon, Gene Michael, and Clyde King managing.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Wow, totally forgot about the Clyde King Era, which lasted about 15 minutes. "Thanks" for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

The Yanks got into first place in '83 during the pine tar game, which they later lost on the replay (and Guidry played centerfield and Mattingly a left handed second base for the final 1/3 inning as Martin protested the decision)... they were in it until late that season. I remember Otis Nixon making a splash late in the Year - Doyle Alexander lost his first 6 or so, then the Tigers picked him up for a song and won the pennant with him and Morris. Mattingly's rookie year, remember his first career dinger off of John Tudor of the Sox.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

While we're on the subject of Yankee teams of the '80s, let us not forget the 1985 (97-64) and '86 (90-72) squads, both of whom would have won the wild card if it had existed back then.

dadlak said...

@Anoymous. The Tigers deal for Doyle Alexander happened in 1987. It was hardly "for a song", as they gave up young John Smoltz, who will enter the Hall of Fame sometime in the middle of this decadte. Alexander went 9-0 for the Tigers in '87 and led them to the AL East championship. They lost to the Twins in the ALCS. Alexander's career was over by 1990. He pitched for NYY in 1983 to a 4.41 ERA in about 150 IP.

Joe DePastry said...

After winning 11 for the Giants in '81 with a 2.89 ERA, Alexander was traded to the Yanks for 2 nobodies. He went 1-7 for the Yanks in '82, 0-2 in '83 before they released him on May 31. Then he went to Toronto, where he won 17 games each in '84 and '85. [Baltimore won the East in '83, Detroit in '84, Toronto in '85.] Toronto traded him to Atlanta in '86; he was 11-16 for the Braves. Then they sent him to Detroit, where he was 9-0 over the last month and a half of '87 with a 1.53 ERA. He retired after going 6-18 for Detroit in '89. What a strange career.

el duque said...

You guys are forgetting the fact that he sucked while a Yankee. He had flashes of brilliance everywhere, but he sucked for us.

The eighties.