Monday, April 16, 2018

Back To Baseball .....

I just want everyone to know that I am back in full support of the big daddy Stanton.

He is going to rip for the Yankees from now on.

You will soon see our foundering team soar, as we run off 7 or 8 straight W's, largely on the back of Giancarlo or Giovanni...the Stanton guy.  Number 27.  You know, the guy whose trade I did not favor.

I have done a total turnaround, after a lot of R&R due to the rainouts.  I feel that the season begins today.

But there is this little matter of Los Vegas;

The odds are currently 8-5 that Stanton will K three times today.

It is 22-3 that Stanton will win another " golden " for today's work.

Considering the opponent, I am taking the three K option.

Who's in?


Joe F said...

LAWD HA MERCY can we get the billion dollar perrenial disabled list dweller and residentrJacoby glassman off the team or enbalmed...worthless

Anonymous said...


Leinstery said...

The Toddfather is batting over .300 and we're stuck with Wade, Walker, and Andujar. Stanton also stinks. Hopefully they trade him to the Dodgers and sign the far more talented Bryce Harper.

Gotta complain about something after tonight.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hah! You see, Mr. Alphonso?? It is YOU who are the fool! Because, well, Mr. Giancarlo only strike out...twice. With no hit. But STILL! Is no sombrero! Is no THREE strikeouts!" That show YOU"

Well...can't be too upset with 12-1. And Leinstery, two doubles for Andujar tonight. Suddenly, he is starting to rip. Not bad...

Alphonso said...

Giancarlo is even better than I imagined !

Who else would you want up with the bases loaded?

We are blessed.