Sunday, April 15, 2018

Remember The Old Adage?

As I sit here, finding it difficult to quaff Jack and Coke without a game on, I harken back to my youth:

I still remember a radio guy saying, " ...and it is starting to rain here at Forbes Field....", and:

" they are bringing out the tarps here at Shibe Park, so be prepared for....."

But the most famous of all ( to me ) was:

" Spahn and Sain and pray for rain..."

In those days, the earliest ones, they used " sound effects " in the radio studios for ;

fan noise ( sheers and groans )
bats making contact
the sound of ball smacking leather
and yes, rain and thunder

The game action in some of the night games came on western union tapes and were a few seconds removed from live action.  Just like in the movie, " The Sting."

My point here is:  nothing.

Maybe these postponements will help Aaron gather himself. Maybe he'll make a few smart decisions.  Get a few of the players who were pressing, " back on track." Settle the bullpen.  Give a few more days of healing to key players, without adding to the loss column.

Maybe something good will come of these washouts.

Not for me.  For them.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Not old enough to remember the sound effects myself, though I wish was.

Just as well not to play on days like today. I was sure I saw Dr. Bogadun roaming the stands of The Park That Should Be Known As Tigers Stadium.

He was just looking to inflict one of the awful little injuries that occur during cold, rainy night games in April: a blown-out arm, a bad slip on the wet grass. Best to stay home.

Though speaking of ballparks, how is it that they are NEVER named for great ballplayers, or even managers?

The Wilpons could and should have named their new park for Jackie Robinson, or at least Casey Stengel, not a parasitic financial institution that specializes in periodically tumbling this country into depression. But hey, when you have all the money in the world, I guess it's impossible to resist picking up another nickel off the sidewalk. Even if it is covered in spittle and used gum.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

Drove town to the stadium for the only rainout of 1973. I think it was supposed to be Baltimore. In a Jeep Wagoneer. We must have looked like the hillbillies that we were.

Stood in the stands for two hours before they called it. Then drove 4 hours back home. Don't even remember the make up game.

Cowgirl-Up said...

Well said, Alphonso. Into every sport, a little rain must fall. At least they weren't trying to play Tampa in a tornado.

jakegibbs41 said...

Just maybe this unexpected break will turn out to be a good thing. Maybe.

KD said...

One of my favorite Yankee Stadium memories involved a rain delay. well, more of a feeling I suppose.

warm summer afternoon with unsettled weather, we waited in the stands for about two hours, hoping the game would not be called. Then the clouds parted and the sun burst into he sky, bathing all of us in glorious sunshine while George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" played from the P.A. system.

I'll never forget that moment. Isn't it strange how our brains work and the memories we hold dear?