Sunday, April 15, 2018

Hmmmm... Let's See....

It seems only a few days ago, in this still nascent season, that someone of prominence opined that the Yankees were fortunate not to have acquired the new " Babe Ruth" of Japan.

His name, for lack of any other identifier, is Ohtani.  And, he had let the world know that New York was too big for him, whereas LA was just about perfect.

But I digress.

It rained in Detroit yesterday ( they need the water in Flint), so I decided to do some fact checking,
and take a look at how the "Babe" is doing;

1.  He pitches every Sunday
2.  So far, he is 2-0
3.  He has 18 strike outs in 13 innings
4.  He has allowed 4 hits in 13 innings
5.  He has walked two
6.  And allowed 3 runs

Compare that to any Yankee starter or reliever, and we lose.

On the offensive side :

1.  He hit three home runs in his first three games when he was the DH.

2.  He has no sombreros; golden, platinum or bronze.

It is early yet, I know, and we should not draw conclusions. And I have it on good authority that by mid-June, the outstanding player we acquired instead of Ohtani will be back on his MVP track.

I will say this;  the Yankees would have a lot more front and back pages in those NYC sports rags if he were wearing pinstripes.  (Although 5 strikeouts on an 0-7 day comes pretty close to demanding similar coverage).

Are we still confident that we" lucked out" by not having him in the Bronx?  Too much distraction?

Did we really get the right guy?


HoraceClarke66 said...

Alphonso, I will freely admit that I was completely wrong about Ohtani (at least so far).

He's been everything as advertised, and more.

But it's not like we "chose" Stanton over him. The Babe of the Orient absolutely, completely, unapologetically rejected any idea of coming to New York.

It's not like we Canoed him with some insulting offer of only $200 million or so. It's not like we passed on him for Gary Sheffield, as we did with Vlad the Impaler.

He just didn't want to come here. Period. He just wasn't into us. We grabbed Stanton instead...and if we hadn't, well, I suspect we would have been seeing a whole lot more of Jabari Blash.

Alphonso said...

I know he dissed us, Hoss.

I just want the world to know he is " lighting it up." I'll be shocked if that endures.

This is the second day of rain in Detroit.

Without the Yankees it is like Chekhov's "Dark Winter."

I am desperate.

And, therefore, saying anything.

Pay no mind.