Saturday, March 1, 2008

Igawa may be the key

Everyone is all up in arms about Kei's "soft" outing against the South Florida Bulls.

I think he will be the key to this year's Yankee team. Here's why;

1. He represents the last in a chain of $50 million busts for the Yankees.

2. We could send him back to Japan and still have options.

3. If Enwar ( Edwar ?) Ramiriez can't develop a second pitch, he can room with Kei in the Southern Mexico beer league. He can translate spanish into spanish for Kei.

4. Maybe the Yankees should enter him in the NFL free agent draft. If they could get a 3 and an 6 pick for him, the Yankees could create a package to get Drew Henson back.

5. We could try Drew at first base, Kei could return kickoffs for the Raiders, and the Yankees would save a lot of bonus money.

So let's not write this crafty lefty off just yet. He could wind up as Ralph Nader's Secretary.


Anonymous said...

Do you think we could get Deion Sanders out of retirement?

Anonymous said...

Let's have Gator back on the mound.