Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yankeetorial: When Cashman tells us David Robertson's foot injury is nothing serious, it would be nice if we could believe him

Look, I aint accusing nobody of nuthin', OK? I'm just sayin' that certain Yankee  brass have a tendency to varnish the truth when dealing with the civilian population. As Billy Martin once said, "The first casualty of spring training is the truth."

They claim David Robertson "bruised" his foot while hauling a recycling bin down some steps. (What the hell is the guy recycling, railroad ties?) They claim it's nothing. Well, the Yankees claim a lot of crap, don't they. They claim their announcers are fair. They claim the new stadium has all the mystique of the old one, merely because it's got the same name. And Brian Cashman once claimed Bubba Crosby was his future centerfielder. Just before they signed Johnny Damon.

Meanwhile, we fans applaud this policy. Lie to us, o, Yankee master! Tell us that Chien-Ming Wang will be back next month! Tell us Jesus Montero can catch (wait, was that a lie?), tell us anything, as long as it helps you pull off a trade.

If Robertson's foot is worse than they claim, lying about it might mean an edge in making a trade. But I dunno. They should have enough guys to replace Robertson for a month, rather than cut a deal. So they might be telling the truth. But this is what happens when you lie. Nobody knows nuthin.

Wait: They were lying when they claimed Montero can be an everyday catcher, right?

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