Saturday, April 12, 2014

An "UP" Day

This was the best weather day in about 4 decades and I, happily, spent it at the track listening to John and Suzyn and drinking Juleps.

I was glad to see the home run outbursts from McCann, Sori, and the major dingers by Beltran and Johnson.  Almost immediately after Johnson hit his into the black, a comment was relayed to us about "Tex's plans to return in Florida, around April 20th."

  Do you know what?  I don't look forward to that.

I think Kelly is a better hitter now than Tex and his defense at first, inexperienced but athletic, has been inspiring.  I don't mean to suggest he will ever play first like Tex can, but I do mean to suggest that other Yankees are feeding off his effort, professionalism and results.

I can't really "diss"  Tex, but he is another guy who hits into double plays like I eat M&M's ( by the bowlful).  We can't have rally killers like him, because we are not going to win any games this year when we only score two or three runs.

It was also very important that Solarte banged out two hits.  I almost felt the league had figured him out, and he was on his way down and out.  Now, maybe we can keep hoping for a few more weeks.

When you win games with Anna, Solarte and Johnson in the infield, one has to feel  we stole one.  But that is what this team will have to do all year long.

Roberts is serious question mark at this point;  he can't have fallen so far down, so quickly.  But his at bats are not impressive.  And Duque's, "0 for April," comment  hung true again today.  If we are going to win more than the occasional game, we need him to produce.

I still like Adam Warren a lot and Shawn Kelly had an impressive 9th. It is only a single game, on a single day, bringing us back to .500.  But it beats the alternative.

Can we put together a 2 game streak?

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