Friday, April 11, 2014

Another reason why we fight: Boston can't lose a game without whining about something

No, no, no... I take it back: The Redsocks were NOT whining about pine tar last night. In fact, they all made it a point to note that they were NOT saying anything about Michael Pineda using pine tar.

Of course, everybody in the world knows he WAS using pine tar. Come on: It was on Twitter! But the Redsocks - grand champions that they are - are above complaining about Michael Pineda using pine tar on his hand to better grip the ball. They don't bother making accusations, because they're superior to such sad tactics.

So they said nothing, each of them, about Michael Pineda making a mockery of the national pastime. Nope, they will make no public statements whatsover about Michael Pineda breaking the rules of decorum by using a foreign substance. It's sad, of course, that a Yankee must stoop so low as to undermine the foundation of baseball by using pine tar, but then again, the Boston Redsocks shall say nothing of it. As far as they are concerned, nothing happened - nothing - even though Twitter proved it.

Oh, well, that's the way it goes. Everyone is used to the Yankees cheating, right? That's why the Redsocks never speak about Alex Rodriguez using illegal substances, or the Mitchell Report, in which MLB hired the Redsocks to probe baseball for steroids, and then found it in the Yankees.

Of course, the Yankees have complained about pine tar in the past. And when know how that turned out.

So, no, there's no story here today about Michael Pineda's use of pine tar - which may have actually been "dirt." Nope. Let's just go with the accusations - which the Redsocks, being champions, are too high and mighty to make.

So... hmmm... where DID those accusations come from? Must be the ghost of Billy Martin - yet another Yankee scandal the Redsocks are too big to discuss.

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KD said...

redsicks, I mean socks, should complain about pine tar so that Yankee pitchers won't try to sneak it in during chilly weather. Then, when our guys have trouble gripping and controlling the ball, and one ends up plunking the bearded dwarf, redcocks, I mean socks, only have themselves to blame.

Too bad they are such classy Champions who'd NEVER accuse our boys of cheating. Too bad..