Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hector Noesi has done the Yankees proud

The Mariners have cut bait on Noesi. They're banishing Heck to Hell.

You know what gets me? Michael Pineda hasn’t appeared in a regular-season game as a Yankee yet. Jose Campos still hasn’t pitched above Single-A. Pineda’s in the rotation so he’s about to start paying dividends, but to this point, the Yankees have gotten nothing at all from that trade. The Mariners have gotten -1.5 WAR. Or, if you prefer actual runs to FIP, -2.5 WAR. Jesus Montero is the disaster we’ve still got. Hector Noesi is the disaster we’re starting to recover from. The Yankees seem to have won that trade even before getting a single minute of major-league playing time. The Mariners traded for a young strike-thrower and one of the very top prospects in baseball. Nothing wrong with the idea. Nothing wrong with the ideas of the players they got. Plenty wrong with the realities of the players they got.

I'm not ready to pronounce the deal a victory for the Yankees. Pineda could still turn out to be so rancid that we puke when hearing his name spoken, and Campos is just another cog in the Yankee doomsday clock. Porky Montero wouldn't be the first failed prospect to figure out MLB hitting around age 25, though he clearly was a product of the Yankee hype machine, as much as he was the farm system.

And when Robbie tears a gonad, Windows City can suck on it. Then we can declare victory.

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KD said...

To tweak a gonad, wouldn't Mr. Cano have to actually, you know, EXERT himself?