Monday, April 7, 2014

Opening Day Optimism

Let us rejoice. Sori got a hit (finally) and Gardy swatted us our first homer (finally). CC, although never again to be our Ace, propelled our boys to victory. Plus, two hits for the Captain! Our team is coming together, just as planned by the glorious Yankee brain trust. Just wait 'til Sori reacquaints himself with the right field porch. You'll see. Yes, indeed. It is spring and all will be well in the garden.

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Tex Message said...

The Master played his hand. He just couldn't resist it when Solarte drove in a run. It wasn't a homer, but he broke out his song: "Solaaaaarte! Woah oh oh!" To the tune of "Volare."

"I mean, Suzyn, no one bats .500 all season, but we have to enjoy it now!"