Thursday, November 21, 2019

News Flash: Ellsbury Works Out for MLB Combine

Just one day after his release by the New York Yankees, Jacoby Ellsbury emerged from seclusion to hold a tryout for other MLB teams' disabled lists.

Ellsbury had been largely ostracized after he was seen to "take a knee" during the playing of the national anthem a few years ago.  But since then, doctors have confirmed that Jacoby was not making a political statement, only collapsing under the impact of his many leg injuries.

Willing to give him another shot, scouts and executives from the other 29 MLB teams gathered at the Yankees' training complex outside Tampa, Florida, today, to see if Ellsbury could possibly make their disabled lists.

"Jacoby's a valued commodity," one general manager explained.  "You get a guy like this, guaranteed to stay on the DL for at least a whole season, and there's no telling what you can do.  Get Lloyd's to issue another insurance policy on him, use him as a write-off to basically wipe out your entire tax liability for the year.  The financial possibilities are unlimited."

Scouts watched as a squad of his personal trainers put Ellsbury through his paces, soaking in the whirlpool bath, getting a thorough massage and rubdown, and undergoing MRIs and X-rays on several different body parts.  Most came away impressed.

"You really think he wouldn't be up to it," one scout said, on condition of anonymity.  "Most guys who've spent that much time on the DL wrinkle up like a raisin, first time they set foot in a whirlpool again.  Others fall asleep on the trainer's table.  Not Jacoby.  Why, he grimaced enough to convince any insurance agent or tax auditor."

No decision has been made yet as to whether to sign Ellsbury.  But as they left for the airport, several MLB executives said they intended to come back for a second look at the former Yankee going through physical therapy routines and getting cortisone shots.

"If Jacoby hasn't played for this long," one pointed out, "there's no reason why he can't go on not playing indefinitely."


13bit said...

That's genius, Hoss.

TheWinWarblist said...

"Go on not playing indefinitely."

So endeth the decade and the JuJu.

.....Since56 said...

That was freaking hilarious....thank you

JM said...

Ells seems like a good guy, with bad feet.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Thanks, guys.

And I hear he had the workout scheduled in a new trainer's room at the last minute...

Anonymous said...

Just got to this. So, so funny. Thanks for the entertainment!

ranger_lp said...

According to WFAN baseball insider Jon Heyman, the Yankees don't plan to pay Ellsbury, whom they released Wednesday, the $26 million he is due, arguing the 36-year-old outfielder's use of unapproved doctors to treat injuries voids guarantees in his contract.

The New York Post first reported the Yankees were trying to recoup some of the money owed to Ellsbury by filing a grievance. But according to Heyman, the Yankees simply won't pay Ellsbury, forcing him to be the one who files a grievance. If the two sides cannot reach a settlement, the case would go to an independent arbitrator.

Ellsbury has not played since 2017, missing the past two seasons with oblique, back and hip injuries. He was owed $21 million for the 2020 season as well as a $5 million buyout for the Yankees not picking up his 2021 option.

Unapproved doctor? Gee...I seem to know one maybe on this blog....has W's as part of his handle....hmmmmm