Saturday, November 30, 2019

The blogosphere is planning moves the Yankees will never make

When I was eleven, I would sit during social studies class and formulate big Yankee trades. We'd deal Ross Moschito, Roger Repoz, Ray Barker, Duke Carmel and Archie Moore to the Braves for Hank Aaron and Warren Spahn. Just pondering such massive robberies gave me erections, which I later associated with the painted harlots of sixth grade. 

To this day, when I read of proposed Yankee deals, always "helping both teams," I imagine a kid rosining his baseball bat. 

So, here's a three-day making the rounds: The Yanks would trade Miguel Andjuar and J.A. Happ for Sterling Marte and a pitcher. We'd get rid of Happ (a common theme in all proposed trades) and get another reliever (always coveted by Cooperstown Cashman.)

Fun to imagine. Enjoy the warmth. Never gonna happen. 

For starters, it would mean ditching Brett Gardner, which the Yankees will never do. Secondly, it would force Cashman's hand on other deals, and thirdly, it assumes the Yankees would then outbid everyone else for Gerrit Cole, which is also unlikely. 

Another deal is that the Yankees would sign free agent Jonathan Villar, the multi-tasking IF-OF, at a considerable price. We would then trade Andujar and anybody else on the IF-OF spectrum. If you wanted to drop a bomb on the Yankee roster, this would be a start. But even with Villar, we'd still be gambling that Gleyber Torres can play SS. And again, this notion of "flexing their financial might" cuts against the grain of all we know about Food Stamps Hal Steinbrenner. He loves old gold. Only gold.

Finally, has anybody ever proposed a trade that Cashman eventually made? I recall rumors for months during 2018 that the Yankees were chasing Sonny Gray - (the botched deal that eventually cost us 2019, by the way) - but all the proposals at the time included Clint Frazier. Even now, people have Frazier being traded to all ends of the universe. But Cashman hasn't pushed the button. Might just be, he never will. 

So... write this down: Phil Linz, Rollie Sheldon, Mike Hegan and Elvio Jimenez for Frank and Brooks Robinson! I'll even throw in Hal Reniff! O, to be young again...


Billy Barule said...

I’ll repeat the last batshit trade I posted: Cashgrab will trade Florial, Abreau and a pitcher like King for Robbie Ray and the analytic fanboys will applaud

TheWinWarblist said...

Zurich seems quaint. Fuck Hal.

Anonymous said...

Really good column about "analytics vs. scouts" and the dirt bag Astros by Bill Madden today.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

1) As I've said before I think Marte is our answer in center/left for the next couple of years and I would absolutely trade Florial/Happ/and

Here's the tough one... AnDUjar makes it an over pay. But Frazier does not. So Frazier.

2) Gardner - I thought they would not bring him back last year but was big time wrong. Despite his great year he vanished in the post season.(Again!) I say he's done. I will be wrong. (Again.)

3) Pitching

Here is what we are not considering yet. Rothschild is gone and the Yankees have made a massive commitment to analytics (seriously take a look at the Madden article about how that can go bad). Never the less the commitment is made.

Which means that the guy who's name I don't know yet - is sitting with Hal and identifying the final two pitches for the rotation.

They are also analyzing who on the current roster needs to go and who can be radically improved quickly. What this means is...

Who we think is good could be gone. It's hard to predict without the data. While the rotation would appear to be

Mongomery/Domingo (if they let him out of Gitmo)

and then augment with a free agent or trade.

We just don't know. Because it's now the future.


Fun tidbit from the Madden article

"and to Ivan Nova, by far the most hittable pitcher in baseball with the highest batting average against (.303) and hits per inning (1.203) and second-most base runners allowed (281)"

Doug K.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

Yankees are not giving Gardner a 2year contract. He get's 1yr. deal. Swapping out Andujar with Frazier would be OK but I doubt Pirates will agree. The 3way trade with Atlanta make a ton of sense for Yankees to acquire Marte who is also better than Hicks. In addition this would allow NY to trade Hicks next winter. NY has logjam in OF and if Yankees love Gardner and I have not doubt they do then offer him a coaching position if he signs a 1 YEAR DEAL otherwise move on. The Gardner BROMANCE at this stage of his career dooesn't make a whole lot of sense.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Hilarious, Duque! I especially liked those sixth-grade harlots. They drove me mad, too.

EDB said...

Did you mean Cooperstown Cashman AKA THE GENIUS?

13bit said...

It used to be fun to play the "what if" trade games, especially when George was manning the bridge, since there was always the chance they might actually happen.

Now, the watchwords, written in stone:

Hal is cheap.
Brian is a moron.