Thursday, November 21, 2019

Ode To Joy

My entire family gathered to cheer the departure ( on paper ) of Jacoby Ellsbury.

It is a tepid cup of tea we drink, however, because he goes with a $26 million bank note pinned to his frock.  He isn't really, "gone," therefore.   It is as though he remains..... does not surface or play,.....and still collects those checks.  Just like the last decade, it seems.

But, in an accounting sense, I guess the Yankees can pretend they are rid of him.  My guess is that it saved a slot on the 40 man roster.

That $26 million.....for another year of doing nothing..... could pay for some entire countries' national debt.  Or a quality starting pitcher.  But it will do neither.  Jacoby will return to Boston, and start living at the Ritz.  He will eat lobsters and laugh at Giancarlo Stanton striking out.

The Ellsbury mistake made by the Steinbrenner boy ( "I'm not cheap" Hal ) pales in comparison to t his Stanton mis-judgement.  The Stanton payment plan will endure beyond the lives of most Yankee fans.  And each strike-out ( assuming 250 per year) will be valued at a cool $100,000.

Imagine, if you will, the world we now inhabit where a player is paid more for a single strikeout than most families earn in a year, by actually doing something.  Is this a balanced distribution of wealth?  Is it not true that any of us can strike out, and that we would be willing to do so for less than half of what Stanton demands?  everyone should write Brian and make the offer.

Giancarlo's financial burden will weigh down Yankee hopes longer than the ice age bothered the woolly mammoths.

In simple terms, the Yankees have won their last championship.

Until the 16 year old billionaire arrives in CF, that is.

Hear, Hear !!!


HoraceClarke66 said...

Oh, Alphonso, you runaway optimist!

Do you really believe that Stanton will be playing enough to strike out 250 times?

Why, I doubt if he'll get enough plate appearances in a season for the rest of his Yankee career to even approach the 50 mark.

Anonymous said...

There's also another cASSman-Hell mistake....Jacoby Hicks!!!