Friday, November 8, 2019


Pretty much the most hilarious statement of the Hot Stove League so far came from our own Giancarlo Stanton, who quoted expert baseball analysis back to MLB News.

The Yanks, Stanton told some sports network, "can never go wrong with Cole and Strasburg."

Well, amen, Mr, Stanton!  And of course, according to that same MLB News, Giancarlo is out scouting both of them and trying to recruit them.

He says that, after all, "I'm pretty sure Cole grew up a Yankee fan, he'd always like to do that.  And Stras, we debuted together, so he'd like that."

Huh?  Oh, yes, Stanton and Strasburg "debuted together" on different teams.  So there's that.

And there's this, an obviously fraudulent report that makes out that the likes of Stanton are actively trying to recruit great free agents, when in fact they are simply giving perfunctory answers to silly questions.

Yes, Stanton tells us that the Yankees "can never have too many superstars" on their roster which is of course what he's supposed to say.  And if the Yanks sign Cole and Strasburg—and they never will—that will mean they then have two.


ranger_lp said...

It's all about the ratings and star power...I'm sure there's an analytic for that and it's called dollars...

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

The Yanks can never go wrong with Laurel and Hardy.

The Yanks can never go wrong with Hall and Oates.

The Yanks can never go wrong with Ozzie and Harriet.

The Yanks can never go wrong with Nixon and Agnew.

The Yanks can never go wrong with Brad and Angelina.

TheWinWarblist said...

I like Hall and Oates.

Anonymous said...

We are officially in the total bullshit potion of the season. This is isn't basketball, where getting one or two of your "friends" to join you on a team can actually change the face of a franchise.

Plus Stanton as ambassador? Based on what? The really good stereophonic sound in the MRI?

Seriously, he'd be better off as the pitch man for Montefiore Medical Center. At least he would know of what he speaks.

Doug K.

Anonymous said...

Is Mr. Stanton willing to give up a portion of his massive (waste of) salary to help sign Cole and Strasburg?