Saturday, February 11, 2012

Considering the pressures on him, should Cashman be making big trades right now?

These days, it must suck being Brian Cashman. His marriage tanked, his kids live elsewhere, his crazy concubine calls news conferences from jail, and he's sleeping on sidewalks. Worst of all - (as far as I'm concerned) - his billionaire bosses have turned into money-grubbing, white-loafer-wearing, Adelle-fan golfers.

Right now, with his world exploding like a Valentine's Day Parade in Syria, Cashman is on the phones, wrangling with the Pirates - our great trade partners of the 2000s - on a deal that would give them AJ Burnett for nobody - nuthin - except maybe movie rights to the Lenn Sakata Story and tip money for the Steinbrothers' pool and cabana team. From the moment that deal is consumated, the Yankees will be a worse team. But it will save the Steinboys some cabbage. And we know how important that is.

Last month, under the excruciating pressure of knowing his reputation was about to be shredded in the tabloids, Cashman may haved traded the next Edgar Martinez to Seattle for a wider version of Ubaldo Jimenez... and now we're planning to double-down? To Trade AJ Burnett for a plate of clams?

If Michael Pineda tweaks an elbow, or fails to pitch well, AJ Burnett could be the most important pitcher we have. And what do we get for him: Four million for a DH? If that was an issue, why did we buy Freddy Garcia for $4 million?

Sir... Brian... Sir.. listen to me, please... wait. Give it a rest. Hang up the phone. Do nothing. If our worst problem is the lack of a left-handed DH, let's celebrate! Let's not do something stupid. Last year, the Redsocks won the winter and lost the summer. Last year, the NY Giants lost the summer and won the winter. Spring training starts soon. Let's see what we've got before we sell AJ Burnett.

Take a rest, and get your life in order. You can't trade your way out of this mess.

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