Friday, February 10, 2012

Yankeetorial: Does the NY Post really need to destroy Brian Cashman?

Today, the Murdoch Megaphone runs a jailhouse interview with the walking borderline disorder named Louise Meanwhile - alias the Cashman stalker.

In it, she touts Cash's batting prowess, tells how hot she looked 20 years ago and triumphantly gooshes, "Everything he didn’t want to happen is happening right now.”

I'm not linking to the bastards anymore. Yeah -- news is news, warts and all, but at some point, journalists are supposed to know they're being played. This is Week II of the Cashman coverage. At some point, a publication - especially one that sells Yankee speculation like popcorn - ought to show a trace of judgement.

This is a woman with 13 orders of protection against her. This is a woman with obvious mental issues. She is bent on destroying a D-list, background celebrity whose family and marriage have been savaged - taking revenge because she couldn't extort more money from him, and her threats became so unhinged that he called the cops. This is a woman who, despite her lust for attention, does not need another headlines. It's Week II. She already dished once. What more can she say?

Listen: No old reporter has a pristeen conscience. There's always a story you wish you could take back. Anybody who claims otherwise is a liar or a fool. But this is baldfaced shit, so out-of-the-box nasty and obvious, you wonder how the writers and editors sleep. She summoned them to her kingdom, and they came. It's like the TV crews who scurried to Florida to film that nutjob preacher who wanted to burn the Koran - except they showed judgment. To inspire violence, he had to post it himself on YouTube.

OK, I know what you're thinking: It's the New York Post. How can I rail about the New York Post? Yeahp, you're right. My bad. Still, this is Week II of the Cashman saga. Week II. They're still masturbating over it like 14 years olds, happily letting themselves be used by a nutjob in a nuthouse.

Whenever I think of Rupert Murdoch, I always have the same thought: There is no God.

Week III almost here. I'm sure we've just begun.



and this from the guy who called him
Brian Gashman?

el duque said...

That was Week I. Anything goes in Week I