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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beltran Sez: "We're Going To Be Just Fine."

Does anyone here believe him? Anyone? Bueller?


el duque said...

"Just fine" is what the Kansas City Royals are each year.

KD said...

Only two games into the season and I already feel I need to take time off and decompress. Maybe I'll compulsively watch season one of 'Vikings'. Now there's a team I can count on for a good slaughter.

KD said...
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joe de pastry said...

Emphasis on the "Just."
Like 86-76, third place.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Right, only two games, but they've felt like every game from '13 that made me want to smash my radio with a sledgehammer.
Nice to catch up with John and Suzyn, though don't think I'll get used to Post Time's replacement of the Daily News 5th,,,, this new guy sounds like a dweeb.