Thursday, April 3, 2014

Opening Day in Sorrycuse, Sad-excuse, Sheerabuse and Seelycuse

Famed IT IS HIGH corporate headquarters, Syracuse N.Y.
It's opening day, with the Traveling Wilkes Barries coming to town!
Fun! Joy! Food!
Speeches by political gasbags!
Last year's swag, marked down for clearance!
 New p.a. sound effects!
Alfredo Aceves, maybe!
This could be the year Syracuse wins the Governor's Cup!
(Take that, Jim Boeheim!)
Mustang and I will be there. Right field line. 
Wearing hats.
Go you SWB Railriders!


I'm Bill White said...

Family Park sounds -- and looks -- really inviting.

Please take pictures for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Mustang? Watch out for foul balls

Alphonso said...

We'll need full reports on Yankee prospects.