Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Party's Over

 I bet a wad this year, with some Vegas players, that the Yankees would win 90 games.

This wager occurred after Cashman recorded nearly $500 million in "on the books" payroll, signing free agents.  What I forgot is that we still had Soriano for another 2 years at about $10million more per year than he was ever worth.

I forgot about a number of rational factors because I was entertained by a group of guys with black, silk shirts and silver neckties, at Chris Christies' Vegas steak house, and could order any combination of drinks I favored, all night long.  It was " on the house" they said.  And by morning's dawn, so was I.

After 5 innings last night, I crashed.  We hadn't scored a run and every threat to do so was lame.  And we never came through when it mattered.  Sori, I think, is still batting zero.

I see we scored a run, and our spring phenom ( Solarte ) was 0-2 in his debut with reality.  So his spring was a mirage.  Another bum.

Anyone want to take a piece of my Vegas wager today?  I am giving discounts.

Or my house.

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