Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Frenay Report: On "the Incident" yesterday in Yankee Stadium

A good friend, great musician and - most importantly - diehard Yankee fan, Gary Frenay, went to yesterday's game, unknowing that it would be a 14-5 blowout. (He cannot predict baseball.) He filed this report on "the incident," which YES refused to disclose. 

"Starts as a perfect spring day..."

"Gotta love a place that allows service dogs, along with their handicapped-owners."

"Padded seats, lots of legroom and yes, you CAN 
get sushi at Yankee Stadium. 
 Thought that was only on the left coast. Quite good, actually."

"Jeter making conversation during pre-game warm-ups"

"The classic “Jeterian” swing. Even better in person!"

"The Boss, from behind the centerfield bleachers,
still keeps an eye on all that goes on."

"A quick stop at the Yankee Museum, near section 210,
 was well worth the time.
A huge exhibition on The Mick? Oh yeah!"

"And if you don’t tear up at the sight of Thurman Munson’s locker, 
well, you just don’t bleed pinstripes, my friend, do you…"

"For Solartes’s last at bat, we were hoping for a third double,
but - alas - a deep pop-out. I love this kid!"

"The ballpark incident (apologies to Roy Wood). When a 14 - 5 blow-out was clearly not enough to keep the few post-Opening Day fans (who were still there in the 8th inning) entertained, a couple of drunken yahoos, leaped over the low fence along the left field corner and ran onto the field as a swarm of security guard pursued. I know they’re idiots, and I know it has become broadcasting policy, by YES and by John & Suzyn, to NOT show or talk about incidents like this, but I gotta say, if you were there, it was big fun. And when one security guard finally did catch up with the second guy (left, above) he body slammed him into the dirt so hard, you could almost hear it over the mass levity in the stands. What a moment to treasure. Certainly better than the pitching of Nova & Nuno. Hey, if Banuellos and Betances can be the Killer B’s, can’t we call these two the No-no’s? As in, no… no, please not them again!"


manx said...

un corazon by Beltran!

I think that's what it was. My spanish is not that good as John's.

Tex Message said...

Beltran homerun! Did anyone catch the call? It was something in Spanish, but I didn't get it. The twitterers were bummed that it was not "Beltran belts one", but the master can do better than that.

Tex Message said...

I did not think it sounded like "corazon"... It sounded kind of like "coriasso". But that is not a word that I know of, in any language.

Mustang said...

Some people are saying it's "correazo," which means "lash," as in strap, or hit hard, or belt! So, defying the know-it-all pundits and seers who just knew it would be "Beltran belts one," John found a way to say exactly that without saying it.

Buhner's Ghost said...

Glad to see some cogent commentary on this site from a legitimate ARTIST! I'm only sorry he didn't file his report in song...would have been the best "poetry" ever on this site! Congrats to Gary, a true Hall of Famer (Sammys Hall of Fame, TWICE!!!)