Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What the hell was John saying with his Beltran home run call?

John Sterling tonight electrified the Sterliverse by unveiling his long-awaited HR call for Carlos Beltran. Keep in mind that this is a call Yankee fans expect to hear at least 30 times this year.
But what exactly is it?
Is "Un correazo!" John's attempt to say "BELTRAN BELTS ONE!" in Spanish?
Or is there a new whips-and-leather component to The Master's game? Later in the game, after Alfonso Soriano and Brian Roberts made fine fielding plays, John shouted, 'THE YANKEES ARE FLASHING LEATHER!" 
Was John, as well? 


Leinstery said...

Wow. I'm speechless. I would have bet everything on "Beltran Belts One". Remember when no one understood the original Grandyman (may he rot in New York hell) call and everyone said wtf is this shit? And he returned with the classic call, "The Grandyman can, OOOOHHH the Grandyman can!" Maybe we can bring this to his attention. and right the wrongs.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

Pretty sure I heard chorizo, which is a big salami. John was basically saying who had a bigger dick now.