Thursday, April 10, 2014

The seatbelt sign has been turned on: 11 of the next 13 games are against the Redsocks and Rays

Sooner than we may have wanted, we will see what the 2014 Yankees have to offer.

Four against Boston.
Two against the Cubs.
Four against Tampa.
Three in Boston...


Anonymous said...

Might as well welcome the challenge. We used to do so when we were a good team.

When Jeter was asked which of the two NL teams was weaker and which he wanted to face in the World Series, Jeter said: "Why we we want to play a weaker team?"

KD said...

Here's what the Captain had to say about the rivalry in today's Star Ledger.

Tyrone said...

We've already seen what the 2014 Yankees have to offer. It will only get worse.

Hey . . . how about that Stephen Colbert?

joe de pastry said...

Anything better than 4-7 would surprise me. Anything better than 6-5 would shock me.

Anonymous said...

Dean Anna homers. The call: "Anna's on the Dean's list."