Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why We Fight

The Red Sox were complicit in U.S. torture flights

They feed their own fans prison food

They told Curt Schilling to use PEDs

They use White House ceremonies for commercial gain

They bought the newspaper that covers them

They gouge their fans

Johnny Gomes

Dane Cook:


KD said...

Nicely put, Mustang. But let's not forget last year's disgraceful plunking of A-Rod which was never avenged (except by A-Rod himself with his towering homerun) and actually seemed to be condoned by Bud's hairpiece.

Listen, A-Rod may be a cheat. He may be a weirdo. But he's OUR cheating weirdo. Who appointed the redsocks as MLB enforcers? I want some payback. Some revenge served ice cold.

Mustang said...

Right on, KD. I should have included the A-Rod incident, but I forgot all about him.

Ben Dover said...

best mustang post ever and this from one of your harshest critics

Leinstery said...

Dane Cook is the absolute worst.