Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome Home

14 hours on a plane, probably in "exclusive class," reserved for Yankee icons….that is nothing.  Champagne and ludafiske.  How does one top that?  Or spell it?

I spent 14 hours in a bar last night watching the Yankees, drinking cheap whiskeys, and downing pickled eggs.

And what happened?  About what I expected.  Nothing good.

Soriano, whose parents gave him his first name in honor of me, was even worse than El Duque suggested.  My guess is that El Duque was fast asleep when Sori failed to get the Yankees back into the game a second time, grounding into an inning killer double play with two Yankees on base.

The guy just sucks, folks.

And if he wasn't under contract for all those mega-millions, we might be playing a kid named Almonte.who , I just know, would have come through with the big hit we needed.  Everytime Soriano fails this year….and it will be often…..just think about how good Almonte was in spring training.

Scranton, sadly, tends to "rot" ballplayers, so I don't know how much longer this fine young talent will remain fresh.  Look what has become of Heathcott and Austin.  Not for nothing, but we also made a mistake on sending  Cabral ( I'm close ) to Scranton ( much better than the big money lefty, former red sucks failure to be whom we kept).

I do know that the Yankees obsession with "putting the big dollars on the field," regardless of performance, is going to kill this season.  If injuries don't arrive first.

How did Jacoby do?  McCann?  Carlos?

The guys who did well were Bettances and Nuno.

Here we go again ( Editor's note for context):

The Astros were MLB's worst team last year with 111 L's,  and they closed the year with a 15 game losing streak.  Accordingly, they have the best farm system in baseball ( per the usual egg heads, the Astros can identify talent to draft ), and a 19 year old who was, "better than any player in spring training."

  All this young talent remains in development in the minors, so it was their old losers who beat ours.

Thanks, Brian, for the great opening day.


Anonymous said...

Another bullsye from Alphonso.

I just hope that the Cashman follies don't drive him into a season-long Lost Weekend. We need to keep him in fighting trim to help us with primal therapy through the debacles to come.

Promise you'll be taking lots of taxis this season, Alphonso.

Alphonso said...

I have to take taxis, thanks.

Last time I walked it was a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Hope the miserable sob gets run over by a bus