Saturday, December 9, 2017

So The Deal Is In Progress?

Now the Yankees have another $267 million contract.  I have a few questions and comments.

1.  Is this guy, basically, a DH or is he ( when healthy ) a quality outfielder, with speed and a rocket for an arm?  Or is he a defensive liability, who strikes out 200+ times a year, and once hit 50 HRs?

2.  Does he speak any english, or do we have to carry yet another translator on the plane?

3.  How are his teeth?

4.  We won't be able to make up for the loss of Castro.  Starlin was a tough young player, an excellent second baseman, and a dependable hitter.  I see this position now as a recurring weakness, going forward ( think of first base for the past 6 years, until Greg Bird got healthy). In other words, it is not Glyber's natural position and he will not be comfortable there.

5.  Does this guy also want to pitch?

6.  With the Yankee traitor now part of the Jeter franchise, we are sure to lose whomever is potentially great in our " chain of prospects."  If we win the WS, of course, we won't care that much.  But would winning now be an accomplishment?  Or is losing the accomplishment?

7.  I hope we made this deal so that Aaron Judge no longer has to be in the HR derby.

8.  This is mostly a move to assure that Cashman keeps his job.  Too much money flying about to dump him now.

9.  When did the off-season all of a sudden become the equivalent of the dreaded, mid-season trade deadline?

10.  If this were only money ( Hal's money) I wouldn't care.  But it isn't and there is no assurance that this strengthens the team. This new dude is more likely to be a negative distraction, than a clear asset.  And Didi has to break in a new guy ( see point 4, above ).

This simply was not necessary and it diminishes the quality of any victories.  I mean, if a single team could always have all the best players ( e.g. all stars ) at every position, who would the world root for?  Someone to beat them, right?  Including me.

I loved what this team did in 2017.  I already have a bad taste for 2018.

Why can't these egotistical maniacs just stick with a fucking plan?


Urban Farmer formerly known as DutchFan said...

Although I agree with every word you say, obviously, this deal does strike me as very Yankeesh. The guy is considered a star, has a bloated contract and becomes available. So the Yankees take him.
It is the DNA some so sorely missed with the rise to the throne of little prince Hal.

It does on the other hand turns 2018 into a no win situation. Whether we won de WS or not.

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Carl Weitz said...

I think it was a great trade. Sorry, Alphonso, but Castro was much more like Alphonso Soriano, Jr. than a "great second baseman". And the marlins cut takes his salary cap hit down to 22 million a year. Also, the Yankees will clear payroll (Headly, Ellsbury eating at least half his contract). Gleyber will play second base unless they trade Headly and don't re-sign The Toddfather. In which case Andujar would play second base and Torres, third. Unless they sign someone like Neil Walker to a one-year contract which would make a lot of sense. Having any combo of Headly, Gleyber, Andujar and Walker would fit well and answer Duque's question as to who will hit higher up in the order and doesn't strike out 150-200 times a year.

TheWinWarblist said...