Saturday, January 13, 2018

Buried lede

Among ink-stained wretches and media types, "buried the lede" (spelled just like that) means the most important part of the story was usually discovered deep in the text and not within the first paragraph ("graf" in journalese), the headline ("hed") or in the beginning of the story (the "lede"). Lesson over.

Amid all the headlines and stories about the Yankee players signed to new contracts to avoid arbitration, we (meaning me, myself and I) believe one of the best things is that C-Money managed to put a deal together with back-up catcher extraordinaire Austin Romine, usually noted at the end of an article on the subject.

Sure we're pleased they held onto Bettances, Sir Didi et al and we loooove Gary Sanchez but we always breathe a little easier when Romine is kneeling behind the plate ...  or standing at the dish with a Louisville Slugger. Either way, the guy's money, so YAY!


I'm Bill White said...

Sanchez beware.

Anonymous said...

Fans of lettuce unite