Monday, January 8, 2018

Double Your Pleasure?

The Posts' Ken Davidoff, obviously fighting off the doldrums of winter, posits that the Houston Astrogliders are becoming clones of the small-market redsocks. And to make his case, Ken mentions the guys our fearless GM Cashman is pursuing.

Weak tea, Kenny; mysterious are the ways of C-Money. And clearly unfathomable to a mere Post baseball bloviator.


HoraceClarke66 said...

Imagine if war reporters wrote up their "analyses" the same way sportswriters do. That is, without any real regard for whether something is a bad idea or not, just whether it gives them something to write about:

"Folks, it's been a good 16 years now since the United States REALLY invaded another country. I'm not counting a bunch of Special Forces marching into Syria to finish throttling ISIS. You call that a real country? With all that writing on their flag? Puh-leeze!

"There are plenty of countries that the U.S. has never seriously CONSIDERED invading: Bulgaria, Romania, Botswana. Anyone of them would put up a good fight, and shouldn't we get to them before Russia or China does? For that matter, how long has it been since the U.S. actually won a world war? Why, most of us weren't even alive!

"But hey, there's hope. Very reliable sources in the Pentagon are convinced that our boys will be storming ashore on Thailand's beautiful beaches VERY soon. In fact, leading war scouts from around the globe consider it all but 'Inevitable'!"

Local Bargain Jerk said...

Here are two facts:

     1) The first picture shown in this post was taken at 3:30pm.

     2) Pitchers and catchers report in 35 days.

That is all.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I'm sure all of these individuals featured here, Whitey Fraud, would score much higher on IQ tests than Ken Davidoff. What's amazing with pieces like these is how devoid they are even of internal logic.

For instance, we're told upfront that the Astros are threatening to become a "second, scary Red Sox." Then, by the last graf, we're informed that the Indians may already be that second, scary Sox, which I guess would make Houston SS Sox III.

Then there's this analysis:

Lefty Dallas Keuchel can be a free agent after 2018, and righty Justin Verlander after 2019, so the Astros could use some certainty in their rotation moving forward. Cole also can enter the market after 2019.

Riiight, that makes sense. One of our pitchers can leave after 2019, so we should get another pitcher who can leave after 2019, so we can have more "certainty." Makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, I can't help but note that the package Pittsburgh wants from Houston for Cole seems to be a lot less than what they wanted from the Yankees.

I say...fine! Can't wait to see the ace of the new "superpower" serving up gopher balls in Yankee an Astros uniform.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Finally, love that according to FanGraphs, Yankees are currently at a projected 91-71, same as Sox, while Astros are at 97-65.

So, Yanks come within a game of beating Houston, add the NL MVP, and are projected to the same level with Boston, who added no one, and well behind Houston, which has also added no one.

That must be a hell of an analysis.

Alphonso said...

I have seen that photo of the male twins before. Can someone identify them?

Are they ( were they ) notorious?

Were they models for a new line of casual wear from YSL?

Were they conjoined at the ankle?

Were they falsely accused of violating the Alien & Sedition Act?

MLB staffers enjoying the Winter meetings?

Cast of the ( now ) living dead?

Who is our ID expert and historian?

I leave this to The Urban Dutch Farmer who is, in mid-winter, only tending to indoor pots.

Alphonso said...

I'm with you LBJ. 35 days until the world begins its spin again.

Do you remember Don Mossi ? What was his defining physical characteristic?

Is he in the photo on the left? Or the right?

It is a long winter.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I have seen that photo of the male twins before. Can someone identify them?

I have also seen this photo a number of times before. I feel like trotted out any time an article references inbreeding.

As it turns out, the photo is of two twins in the Transvaal (South Africa) and was taken in 1993. I had always assumed it as from some Depression-era photo documentary of Appalachia.

The photographer is Roger Ballen. You can see some of his work here:

The resemblance to Don Mossi is just funny. I once read a hilarious bit of writing from famous number-cruncher Bill James, describing Mossi. I'll try and dig it out before too long because it was very very good.

FWIW, I think the twins also look like Channing Tatum.