Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Montgomery in surgery ward

Terrible news.

Jordan Montgomery is meeting Tommy John.

Expected back by 2020.


Alphonso said...

But no surprise. That mysterious arm trouble just needed rest?

Tanaka needs surgery also. But Japanese pride will keep him out there until his arm falls off.

We are doomed.

The trade winds blow fiercely now.

Joe of AZ said...

Well pack it up boys... Looks like the WS ring will have to wait till 2020.

Rufus T. Firefly said...

The Black Swan has struck again.

Anonymous said...

If our season rested on Jordan Montgomery from the get go we would be in serious trouble anyway.

Not happy because I liked the kid but the question is obviously,"Now what?"

A quick look at MLB's Top 30 Yankee prospects shows 22 out of 30 are pitchers.


So here's the thing. AnDUjar and Frazier ain't going anywhere. I'm saying neither are Sheffield, Juan Then, and Johhny Lasagna.

A) Obviously if you can find takers Drury, Walker, Tyler Austin, and Tyler Wade. Have to be up for grabs.

B) I suspect Florial, Thario Estrada, German, and Abreu are available as well.

Let's just do the Cole Hammel thing and be done with it. It's the number five guy. Two from A - One from anyone one on the prospect list not mentioned in B.

If it's Patrick Corbin for a half year rental. With no extension One from A one from B. One from the rest of the list.

I say get both. So...

Hammel (because CC blows out a knee or other body part soon)

We could win with that five.

Doug K.

ranger_lp said...

We don't need Hammels. And we should not give up Florial. Yanks feel that Florial is better than Frazier. The trade deadline in 7/31 and we should be patient that some other pitcher becomes available then and not rush into something stupid as in giving up too much for an arm.