Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Unsettling Thought About Yankees v. Redsocks

Was anything ever so perfectly made to pierce the limited comprehension of the Fox and ESPN booths? In that light, The Greatest Rivalry In The History Of Hate looks like The Dullest Thing In The World.

But look! Miguel Cairo started at third today!! GO EL PAVO!!!

UPDATE! El Pavo gets his first two RBIs as a Mariner, but he's only one man. LAA spanks SEA, 10-5.

CLARIFICATION! What I mean by the first paragraph is, can anything Joe Buck finds so fascinating actually be any good at all?

DIGRESSION! Googling +Dane Cook +douchebag yields 48,000 results!


Whitey Fraud said...

I can't comprehend this post, Duckman.

Prince Frankenstein said...

Batman is the Yankees and the lady is the Redsocks.

Whitey Fraud said...

I can't even comprehend who posted this. Did I go to Mexico or you?

Whitey Fraud said...

Joe Buck and Joe Morgan ought to elope. And they can take McCarver with 'em.

Kelly Gruber said...

Joe Buck and Dane Cook should do a sit-com together. That way I could avoid them both at the simultaneously. It would be quite convenient for me.