Monday, September 28, 2009

Leisure lit mag scores John 26.5 on rogue 35-point scale

Hard-working Yankeeolgists at the hoity-toity, too-glossy-for-the-catbox New York magazine have John's WinWarbs under the microscope. We formally dispute their 35-point scale: The man needs at least a 50-point scale, but - hey - they're asking essential questions.

Check out their take on the current WinWarble controversy:

"A Hall of Fame performance, really... Using our unscientific method of just listening, Sterling really outdid himself; his voice nearly gives out at the end of the word 'the.'

"We'd like to point out that, technically, "Eastern Division in 2009 over!" doesn't make sense. The division itself didn't cease to exist yesterday. None of the teams were disbanded until 2010 or anything."

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adam said...

Hahahah I love it.